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  1. I've never had investigation results come back until after the 30 day mark. They do have 5 days after the 30 day mark to get you the results letter. I would just sit tight for a few more days.
  2. vankat


    Absolutely!! I know how to handle them this time around, although it won't be one of their affilates according to their letter. I used to be afraid of collection letters, but not now, as long as I dv them on their first communication I feel totally confident! This account is out of the sol so I'm not worried at all. Thanks to all who know their stuff and help to educate the uneducated. I want to note that I still have a ways to go, but I have learned my lesson on how to manage credit and am commited to keeping it all under control.
  3. vankat


    Just received a response from the BBB of Upstate South Carolina regarding LVNV's/Resurgent's response to them. As of the date of this letter, Resugent Capital Services has closed this account. Vankat will no longer contacted by Resurgent or any of its affiliate companies regarding this debt. Additionally, the three major consumer reporting agencies will be instructed to delete the LVNV trade-line during the next reporting cycle. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience experienced due to the collection of this account. Yahoo!! I guess they would rather delete than report truthfully. Thanks to this board and others, I would never have thought of contacting the BBB to help with JDB's like these guys.
  4. vankat


    I have called Trans Union specifically, and they couldn't give me any answer except the standard "you need to call the company reporting". I have a collection that is showing a collection. I also have LVNV reporting as an open installment that is factoring into my balances and available credit. Both are reporting totally different, so it seems that there is a "correct" way to report what is truthful. Both companies bought the debt, so it isn't a matter of an assignee reporting differently than a debt buyer. I have read the FTC opinion letters, and there's some good stuff there regarding a debt collector being a debt collector and NOT a creditor.
  5. vankat


    reporting it as an open installment tl instead of a collection.
  6. most probably? how would you have handled it if it came back verified?
  7. vankat


    so as to not hijack another thread: has anyone sued a jdb like lvnv on a timed barred debt? yes i know the difference between sol for credit reporting and sol for bringing suit on a debt. yes, the debt is mine, but the law says they had 4 years to sue me for it and they didn't. the law also says that they must report correctly which they aren't.
  8. debt guy: can I ask how they can report a "currenty 120+ past due" on an account that has never had "one" payment made? How can they report past due if no communitcation has ever been made and no payment whatsoever has ever been agreed to? Why not 30, 60, 90, or charged off if no payment has ever made? This is my gripe with LVNV. My reports show a current late payment, as well as an open tl (not collection) which skews my scores, which seems to be a very underhanded attempt at a pfd when the account is well outside the sol and no proof at all of their legal right that I owe them any money.
  9. lvnv and midland were both leaving out the date opened on my reports. on equifax specifically, their credit summary showed my "oldest" account as these accounts that weren't reporting an opened date, and it showed my "length of credit hisotry" as 0 because of it. I have since gotten midland off my report and gotten lvnv to report a date opened. i would think that account age being 0 is very relevent.
  10. yes, we sent copies of his dl and a utility bill showing our current address. we've live at our current address for 3 1/2 years, so forwarding has expired by now.
  11. We haven't received a dispute results report from TU. They received the request on 06/23. We logged on to my husbands TU account and they still show an old address as current. We sent copies of his DL and a current bill proving we are now at a new address. Their report showed an old address as current and our current address as a previous. I'm worried that they sent the report to our old address. Is there anything we can do at this point?
  12. Congrats!! Hoping I will be there soon.
  13. It's a FTC Opinon letter on how they can validate a collection account.
  14. Ha, I've had the exact opposite results. I got a within sol Midland account removed, but am unable to remove a well outside sol account removed with LVNV. Go figure.
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