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  1. came across this sample letter on here and wanted to see if it was a good one to send out.
  2. I'm going to start working on this tomorrow. I thank everyone for the help they have given and ill start with CMRRR letters to everyone and see what happens in a month. Still on route to buy the house this year. Just being pushed back til I can get this fixed. Time to get this fixed. If any one has any more suggestions on what to do, Please feel free to share. Thanks to all
  3. ok im going to get on that first thing this week. ill pay the redondo thing no problem. But the rest im going to write to the CRA's. what is CMRRR ? i will sue if I have to. I really need to get these things resolved. Are there other good sample letters i can pull from on what the letters should look like?
  4. same to you and to all happy thanksgiving ! eat all the turkey possible lol
  5. yes i have stopped paying them for a long time now its been since im 18 - 20. im 31 now and I'm trying to fix these. I haven't needed my credit til now. I always pay cash since I've ruined my credit very young. I only owe 2k and im even willing to pay all of them (8 accounts total) as long as i can get them deleted. how can i beat them at that scheming they keep doing by reporting the day they buy it? is that legal? so its been over the time frame and I haven't payed them a cent. do i just dispute over and over again for different reasons and hope something positive happens. Im so lost with this.
  6. but i heard that if they are resold then the new junk collectors will report it new to keep collecting. so what would be the best way to go about this? whats correct? do i have a case against these things on my report? looking for some really accurate help here. who can point me?
  7. here is what i owe to some collection agencys 2 - NCO FIN/22 - NCO/ASGNE OF BANK OF AMERICA 1 - NATIONAL RECOVERY AGEN - RITMO Y PASION 1 - BRIDGEPORT FINANCIAL - CITY OF REDONDO PRKING CITATIO 1 - RJM ACQ LLC - WASHINGTON MUTUAL CHECKING ACC 2 - CREDIT MANAGEMENT LP - TIME WARNER LA METRO 1 - AWA COLLECTIONS - AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SO CALIFORN total: $1,875 accounts: 9 So im trying to buy a house next year and i wanted to get these fixed. I have the money to pay them since i dont care about this petty amount. I wanted to see if i could pay to delete so it looks like it never existed. I want to do the best thing for me as quickly s possible. DO i pay? do i fight it? they are so old they have been re sold over 12 years now. who can help?
  8. ok so i dont pay it and i keep fighting. Ill look into the lawyer thing and see how that goes.
  9. what if i make them to a pay to delete thing?
  10. i did both of those things ad still they wont remove them.
  11. they are old as debts that dont belong to me. they are part of my Identity theft and i need this fixed. ive been trying to get it removed but no go. they say its me no matter what. now i just want to know if i should just pay it and have it deleted
  12. i owe about 2k total on my Experian credit report and im going to need my credit to be in good standing. Now should i just pay it or work out a deal with them? what do you recommend?
  13. I cant find the SOL FOAD letter. any way someone can point me to the page?