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  1. Hasn’t that already been covered above? Do you write your own material? Funny how I am punished and threatened with suspension from the forum and mocked for making repeat posts when I only made one reaction post and one explanation post, and everyone else can do/say as they please without consequence. Seems fair to me Believe me, getting the right word spelled wrong should be worthy of a trophy in light of what other posts contain, but as I already stated I will not entertain this subject anymore. I made my original point which was very comprehensible and articulate, and the intended member heard me loud and clear enough to have another moderator give me an infraction (still not sure what that is) in stead of explaining/translating his distasteful post or contacting me himself. Of coarse I would like to course through the forum and simply enjoy getting credit tips as long as the Credit INFO Center doesn't condone "info" from an approved moderator that praises violent collectors for their unlawful practices. Course, Coarse, Course... I am unsubscribing to this thread in order to move on from the pitiable shallowness of it all.
  2. That's too bad, but your attitude is great... you're right, it would have been awesome to have it deleted, but its been 5 years. I wouldn't take it lying down, but that's just me. I wonder if something else can be done.
  3. Sort of along the same lines of certain CRA's differing in their offered services; the decision of Experian to stop the availability of FICO's for consumers had me confused with the MyFICO website's 30% discount which ends today. You can purchase a report+score for $15, but how do they handle pricing or discount if you want a report from EX? The 30% off was a great deal, but I am not going to jump on the opportunity right now since I am not in the market for a major purchase at the time being.
  4. Crystal Clear, I will no longer pay enough attention to the content or construction of a person's post to elicit a reaction and response on this forum. This will be my last post concerning this pedantic issue at hand, because I am above such things and refuse to engage in meaningless internet abrasive arguments, especially when I hold a forum in high-regard such as CIC and the vast majority of their members time/talent; and no I do not wish to 'continue' to talk about it, I simple made one single respectful and thoughtful retort in order to state my case and make a sincere plead to know what the correct coarse of action should be if someone takes a viewpoint that blatantly contradicts any level moral judgment. Perhaps it was I that was not being clear. I do not wish to be on the losing end of a moderator-rich perpetuated disagreement, I simply do not conduct my own life offering applause to professionals who demean and disrespect women. You have my word if any such disagreements should happen in the unforeseen future I will make my case in a very succinct and objective manner, and will not call out anyone's education based on the content of their post and ideas within.
  5. Thanks a lot Jet! I know there are a lot of questions there... it is the list I've compiled since last year when I joined the forum, and I was going to put them all to rest, haha! One question that came to my mind about Credit Line Increases... this has always been something I'm indifferent about because I never go over a 9% utilization as most people suggest for FICO support... but if I contact all my CC companies for a CLI, I always thought it would be a credit pull - but, after joining the forum I am beginning to think it would be a soft pull since I am currently a customer of those credit cards... is this true? I wonder if I've always been wrong about CLI and Inq on my CRA?
  6. Have most people found it is better to approach the original creditor or company that made a hard pull to remove inq's since it supposedly erases inq's from all 3 CRA's - or would it be better to go to the CRA? I wasn't sure if there was a consensus on this or not, thanks
  7. Thanks for the link, I'm going to check it out. I had no idea collectors could be so menacing, all I ever did in my line of work was explain there would be late fees if they did not bring their account current, but I never dealt with any account over 7 months past due/written off to an agency or law firm.
  8. My last post was deleted for so-called personal attack, if it is a personal attack to request someone not praise an entire industry for bashing women and having "cojones," and simply asking any forum member to implement spell-check, than I was unaware of the meaning of attack. I did not intend to attack anyone, I merely requested that there be a little class and objective respect shown along with some literary thought and consideration/grammatical attention. I have been on the forum daily for months now and have always thanked everyone, showed respect, and spread reputation, as well as learned a lot from the forum; if a forum member is offended due directly to a post made by a moderator, why is that forum members post deleted and he is belittled with a "deduction of points?" I am not asking to prove a point, I am sincerely curious. Also, what would be the suggested course of action to take if I or any other forum member is offended by a post? I would like to know so I can follow the rules. PS: Please show some intellectual honesty and don't delete this post, and answer my honest questions in detail; if you look at my history it is painfully obvious that I am here for the right reasons, which is why I am curious exactly what qualified for a points deduction (I'm not sure what that is) and a post-deletion? Seems like there is not a balance of open and honest opinion, I didn't make accusations or use anything resembling profanity, I was very clear and used candor.
  9. Best of Luck! Keep us all in the loop, I really hope things work out for you as they did for me
  10. Part 3 DisputesAs I’ve mentioned before, the only glaring eye on my credit report over the years is an apartment complex that did not honor my Early-Lease Termination due to employment opportunities elsewhere which involved an eventual collection being placed on my CRA… what is the best way to begin my dispute and resolution process? Is an Apartment Complex seen as a “Creditor” as in, the Original Creditor? In what order should I use Debt Verification, CRA Accuracy Disputes, or 623 Original Creditor Dispute? (I am trying to avoid direct communication with the Apartment Complex; they are the most severely incompetent and disconcerted group of people I have ever encountered.) [*]FTC Opinion Letter The FTC says No Debt can be reported until Debt has been verified; does this refer to once the consumer has begun the Debt Validation or Dispute process they cannot report it on your CRA until it has been finalized? Does this hold true for Debt Validation, Disputes with Original Creditor, Disputes with Collection Agency/Law Firm, or all? [*]Debt Collection License Following the advice of the forum, if I check to see if a Collection Agency/Law Firm is license to collect in a certain state, but they are trying to collect a debt from Nevada for example but I live on the East Coast now; what licensed state am I trying to find out about? Nevada or my home state? [*]Personal Information Sharing How do companies (junk mail, credit cards, car-lots, etc) receive and use my personal information for marketing materials if I am unlisted in the phone book, do not have any social networking pages (Facebook etc), do not have a home phone, and only rent without having my name on the mortgage? [*]CRA Inquiry Removal If I am able to get Inquires erased from one CRA, if that Identical Inq exists on other CRA’s am I able to supply them with any info in order to have it removed from their records also, or is it a one-by-one process by CRA? Is it possible to contact the original credit to have an Inq removed, or once it is placed I have to deal directly with CRA? 6+ Inquiry = BKO? According to the listed “research” 6 or more Inq’s at one time on your CR is seen as being 8x more likely to declare BKO; does this mean that having 5 or less Inq’s will boost your score or improve chances of Loan Approval across the board? If a CR has 0 Inq’s, 730+ FICO, ZERO Debt, NO late fees EVER, and at least 5 years of Multiple Trade-Line history… would it be guaranteed to receive an Auto-Loan (if they have never had a car-loan before) or certain CC APR/Limit? I am curious if the Lenders are more worried about income, or a perfect credit history and file as listed above, and if there is any correlated amount of credit or Auto-Loan they would be willing (historically) to lend to someone in that situation?THANK YOU SO MUCH ANYONE THAT HAS ANY INPUT!!!!
  11. Part 2 Opt OutHow/Where can I truly Opt-Out of ALL junk mail, solicitations, Pre-Approval offers, and false/misleading Credit Offers that are not legitimately already approved that come in the mail? [*]Car-Loan History Challenged Since I have never personally taken out/applied for an Auto-Loan, and I know the specialized Auto-FICO (FAIO, Enhanced Version) deeply considers past Auto Loan history when making an approval choice, will that hurt my chances in gaining the Loan in the future when I apply? Is there a way around this problem by seeking out Lender’s/Banks/CU’s that are able to dictate/choose which FICO score they view, and only do business with those that will look at regular FICO Beacon and will understand I’ve simply always paid cash for my cars but my credit score speaks for itself? [*]FAIO (Fico Auto Industry Option) Do the FAIO approval Tiers vary from dealer to dealer, or car corporation-to-corporation, or bank-to-bank? Am I legally entitled see/receive a copy of any/all CR’s printed for me with my authorization at a Bank or Lender? i. If not legally entitled, I know if I am not approved I am entitled to a Free CR, but what if I am approved and I still want to receive copies of my report(s) the Auto-Dealer/CC company etc used, but they are hesitant to give me copies of them? Loan-Rejection If I am rejected for a loan (of any kind? Auto/CC/Mortgage?) I know that entitles me to the Free Report as mentioned above, but… is that report Free from ALL 3 CRA’s, or only the 1-2 CRA’s that the Lender specifically pulled and cited? Where do I go in order to receive my Free report(s) if turned down for a loan? (AnnualCreditReport.com, or each CRA individually?) What website link do I visit for the Free report, and is this report completely accurate up to date? Do I need a special code to receive my Free CR online after Loan Rejection? [*]Car-Loan/Mortgage Buffer & Inquiry Grouping Are Car-Loan/Mortgage Lenders required by Law to report specifically as that type of Lender to ensure the FICO 30-day buffer for reporting and 14-day buffer to be grouped as a single Inquiry? If not required by Law, is this grouping/buffering something that happens once the 3 CRA’s receive the notice of your Inquiries and handle from their end? If something goes wrong, and I am shopping for example the best Car-Loan, and I apply at 15 different places to compare, but the FICO Inq rules are not honored/applied, is this something I can bring up and explain on an individual basis to Lenders in the future if I apply for a Loan/CC within the next 2 years before “all” of the Inq’s fall off? [*]Proof of Income What documents are considered acceptable for Proof of Income when applying for a car loan? If an applicant only makes $20,000 a year, but has a 730+ FICO (Beacon) does that affect the amount they will be approved for, or is a car loan heavily based strictly off of income level? Auto-Down Payment I know this seems off base, but CIC focuses a lot on Auto-Loan and FAIO etc, so I wanted to ask what the Optimal Down Payment is for purchasing a car? I have read anywhere from 10-35%. While I think 10% is too low to make any real difference in payment, interest rate, haggling with the salesman to lower price, or to ensure a loan approval, I also believe 35% is far too high. Is there a consensus out there for what is the best amount in order to secure the best interest rate, auto-price, and ensure Loan Approval? (I am including Tax/ Title/Tag/Registration in the Down Payment)
  12. The Credit Questions Gauntlet Part 1 My collection of questions from my months of research; ambiguous and unspecified terms; I thought it would make sense to leave this in a dedicated thread here and see if the questions can’t all be answered over time one by one J Expedia CRI can still buy a report for/from Expedia, just not a FICO any longer right? For the most accurate up-to-date report, do CR’s vary like FICO’s? Should I buy from the CRA direct, or go through MyFico? [*]Transunioncs.com This TU website, with the infamous “CS” added to the end is supposedly the same as a true FICO Consumer (not a FAKO) score offered by MyFico – is this correct or is there an advantage over one or the other? [*]Under 30-Day Delinquency not reported on actual CR (or) Score? I have heard and seen that CR’s only create and report delinquencies as 30/60/90 days. This leads me to believe that payments made 1-29 days “late” are only penalized through the Credit Card company and consumer, through late fees/interest hikes/CL decrease etc; correct? I technically made a late payment on my Chase credit card because of my wedding and honeymoon, but since it was only 2 weeks overdue it was never reported on any version of my CR; which leads me to believe the only delinquency that matters for the sake of your CR and subsequently your FICO are the delinquencies that cause the 30-day+ box to be shaded in your Credit Report.. [*]Maxed-Out/Over Limit How does previous Maxed-Out and/or Over Limit CC affect your FICO since 1-7/9% Utilization is Optimal? Do the negative Debt-to-Credit (Utilization) ramifications (FICO Dings) disappear/rebound after the card(s) are paid in full and reported as such? If the negative results of Maxed-Out TL’s do not disappear when PIF, how long does the tarnished FICO score last in reactions to Maximum Utilization? Can previous (2+ years ago) Max Credit Lines be viewed by Lenders (auto/home/other CC’s) that are making decisions on offering you an approval for New Credit if my balance when applying for the loan is $0.00 on all Cards? I can still see the “High Balance” on my own personal CR’s, but I am not sure if this is information Lender’s/CC’s are concerned with/privy to when granting new Loans/Credit?
  13. Hey Wizz, did you use mail or email? A lot of times it is impossible to find specific email online for a company database, and if you call, they act like either A) the information has been top classified and is held in a server on Area-51, or they act so confused like you just asked them the square root of 214.881 to the 4th power and say that they can't release an email or they don't have one! But luckilly, with some companies you can e-mail cust service and explain your situation and you'd like the email of the director of credit or their department, and they will either supply it to you or direct you to call a number directly, or perhaps forward the e-mail to them for review. Either way it's nice because you save postage!
  14. Is this special available online anywhere? I'm not sure if I'd watch it after the less than in-love reviews, but just curious.
  15. Pffft, they all do whatever they can in order to make a profit. Some of them might be ethical, but in that line of business and in all honesty the majority of people (not everyone) you have to deal with daily creates a very bad atmosphere for everyone involved. Does anyone know if this special will be available online anywhere!?
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