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  1. I'm confused since student loans have different rules...My husband took out a private student loan to go to technical school - can I be held responsible for this debt if he defaults? He took out the loan during our marriage but I was not a cosignor or anything so would I still be held responsible if he defaulted? Also, there's nothing that can be done if you have too much student loan debt is there? No student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy can they? I have a few federal and private student loans and I'm worried that how much I have accumulated is too much.
  2. I am currently attending college to become an RN. I've racked up some student loans and I read somewhere that people who get into certain professions can apply to have their federal student loans forgiven. Healthcare was one of these fields...Does anyone know anything about this? What do you need to do in order to be eligible to apply? Any info would be great...In the meantime I'll keep searching the net to see if I can get more details (by the way, if anyone knows of a website I could go to to read up on this that would be great too!)
  3. I tried reading up on Oasis with AMEX...there wasn't a lot of info about how it works but I think I got the jist by reading various forums...Apparently Oasis gives you an Optima card once you have the full balance on your old account paid in full...It has a CL of about half what the original credit limit was. This would be a great idea since if you make good on the Optima card, it erases any negative info reported from your old account. However, it sounds like this is a program for those who have an account that was charged-off and want to get back in AMEX's good graces. My account isn't ch
  4. Sorry I don't know if this is the right place to bring up this situation but it seemed to be the closest fit. Anyways, I have a charge card account with AMEX. It is now 78 days past due with a fairly high balance (long story as to why that happened). They threatened to close our account if they didn't see the hefty payment they requested so my husband called them and essentially begged them to find a way that we can get the balance paid off that would be to their satisfaction. They said they would be willing to break up our total balance into monthly payments over a 12-month period. He as
  5. Unfortunately it is mine...I'll have to take a closer look at their reporting to make sure it's accurate and if it's not I guess I'm off to do DV. I just wanted it off because it's the only thing negative and I guess I'm a perfectionist Thanks for the feedback!
  6. What is the best way to get a charged-off account deleted? I had a credit card account go into collections about a year ago and I was able to get it taken care of with PFD yeah!...Now the only bad mark on my CR is the "charged-off" account entry from the OC which is AMEX grrr...What can I do about this? I doubt a goodwill letter would work, what about DV? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  7. If I did try the DV method on these old accounts, should I include all of them on one dispute letter or form to the CRA's? Basically, I'm worried about our dispute being deemed "frivolous" and what happens to you if that happens? Thanks for the responses!
  8. Oh this stinks lol. I don't like AMEX
  9. I have a question that's kind of odd...Are there laws that regulate how much interest credit card companies can charge on past due accounts? If so, where can I get this information? I have an American Express card bill that's past due and it seems like I'm being charge ridiculous amounts of interest...Over $300 per month!
  10. My husband has a few unpaid collection accounts on his CR. These are very old...they're already past the SOL in Kansas and are scheduled on his credit report to be deleted in the next year or two...What is the best way to go about dealing with these? Should DV be the first step? Any advice would be great thanks!
  11. Thanks it makes more sense now!
  12. In the debt validation method, why is it necessary to dispute an item with both the CRA and for example, the CA? It seems like you're doing the same work twice.
  13. Does the 7.5 years after DOFD with the OC still apply even if the CA was never paid in full?
  14. My head is spinning with all the different things I've read about how long negative information can stay on your credit report. Can collection accounts stay on your report for seven years after the day they were opened or the date they were paid? If the seven years is almost up and the account isn't paid, they can sell the account to another CA and the seven years starts all over again right? Also, my husband has a judgment on his credit report that's been long will it take for the entry to fall off?