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  1. I recently sent a dispute letter to Trans union for a water bill collection account and a 30 day late payment to Macy's. My son has the same name as mine but he's a Jr. who rents my basement apt. so we share the same property address and the water bill belongs to him. I explained this the Trans union supplied the proof. I mailed the letter out on July 18th 2013 by certified mail(signed cert. return card dated July 22 ) and did not get a response back until Sept. 13th!! Nothing was removed and I requested that they removed all the items that I disputed due to the fact that they took over 30 day
  2. So legally they can post this debt/account twice. I have no problem paying for a deletion with the CA, but how do I get the OC listing off since the monies will go to the CA and not the OC?
  3. I have HSBC (OC) and LVNV(collection Co.) posting negative information for the same account. HSBC sold the account to Sherman Financial back on 04/14/2010 and stated in a recent letter that all balances due were transferred as well to Sherman Financial and all future inquiries should be sent to Sherman Financial. I do not see Sherman Financial on any of my credit reports for this account, but I do see the account listed with LVNV as a collections account. My question is can HSBC and LVNV list the same account twice on my credit report? And how can I have one of them removed? I prefer HSBC to b
  4. I sent a dispute letter to Experian back on 12/18/2012 by cert. mail return reciept and experian received the letter on 01/02/2013. I just received their response to my dispute dated 02/13/2013.They went past the 30 days required by law. I only had 3 items that needed to be corrected on this report a late payment from macy's an incorrect address and a collection account that belongs to my son because we share the same name. How can I get Experian to correct these mistakes and can I make a complaint to FTC or to my Attorney General's office in regards to them not following the law in responding
  5. What are the laws that a credit repair company in NYS have to follow?