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  1. thanks for the reply - I have an understanding of which way to go now. We did not actually get into a courtroom - just the mediation, so I believe we can still make some arrangements. I hope so anyway. My strategy now is to contact all the creditor offices by fax with a settlement offer and see what comes of them. Do I have any ammunition with the post dated checks and the non notification of their intent to deposit a post dated check? There are 6 instances in 2008 (I sent 7 checks in one envelope in November). Hopefully, at least some of these people will take what we can pay. Worst comes to worst, we consider other options. 3. Section 808(2) . prohibits accepting a check postdated by more than five days unless timely written notice is given to the consumer prior to deposit. There was no notice, not timely or otherwise, on any of the checks. Thanks again for the reply.
  2. Hello - like a ton of people, I am new here and am learning a lot. Long story short, we ran into money issues and are now able to clear some debts but are unsure which direction to go. three accounts were with capitol one and we were called to mediation. I was out of town and my husband thought he would be arrested (he's a disabled veteran and didn't know how he would get along in jail) so he agreed to make payments on both accounts. We have been doing that for almost a year, however none of the payments to the law firm (money orders) have reflected on any of the capitol one accounts. The same happened with an Emerge credit card with Midland. We got a summons to court with no paperwork whatsoever, no collections letters - only some foreign individuals who called my cell phone at all hours using an automated dialler - my husband, again was uninformed and thought he could be arrested for not paying so he agreed to that as well. None of those payments to the law firm are reflected on our credit reports either. $100 per month from October of 2007. We sent all the checks - 6 at a time - but were not informed of the deposits - but we do have the cancelled checks. We also have an Asset Acceptance and Beneficial Household finance which is listed as Beneficial on Experian and Credit Associates on his Trans Union credit report. Altogether, the total between us is $53,205. Can anyone recommend a strategy to address these? We have not sent any letters yet, as I think we lost our ability to dispute them when we made a payment but I'm not sure. Thank you so much for any advice or help at all.