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  1. MERRICK BANK/HOOTERS CARD has been pulling only TU reports and claiming it is for account reviews. now they charged off the account years ago but claim they can still pull the report to review the account to see if it still meets the standards of the bank. now is that true they can still pull the report for account reviews. can i sue them for pulling my reports after charge off? is there any case law i can use? and yes they are reporting to all 3 but only pulling TU.
  2. This question concerns using the Exempt Income Protection Act (EIPA) along with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Federal Credit Reporting Act to get violations on the debt collector. The Exempt Income Protection Act (EIPA) You are exempt from debt collection if you and your funds are exempt. We know this already. Now here comes the violations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) 1- Reporting the debt to the credit reporting agencies is an attempt to collect a debt violates The Exempt Income Protection Act (exempt from debt collection) Now here comes the violations
  3. just read this wow check it out New York Court of Appeals Holds That Debt Buyer’s Claim Is Time-Barred Under New York’s “Borrowing Statute”: Debtor Entitled To Rely Upon Delaware’s Three Year Statute of Limitations here is the link New York Court of Appeals Holds That Debt Buyer hope this helps
  4. Under the FDCPA a debt collector is in violation if they attempt to use any deceptive means to collect a debt. Under the Exempt Income Protection Act (EIPA) you are exempt from debt collection Now the questions are, 1- Can you use both of these two acts together to remove collection accounts from your credit reports? 2- Will the reporting of your debt by debt collectors to the credit bureaus be a violation of both (EIPA) and the FDCPA? This is how I see it maybe I am wrong let’s see what the good people on this board have to say. You are collecting SSI which is exem
  5. here is an update to this, what should I do? should I go after them?
  6. just got word on this matter i am scanning the letters now. be back so with the post.
  7. S T A T E O F N E W Y O R K ________________________________________________________________________ 7558--A 2009-2010 Regular Sessions I N A S S E M B L Y April 14, 2009 ___________ Introduced by M. of A. WEINSTEIN -- read once and referred to the Committee on Judiciary -- committee discharged, bill amended, ordered reprinted as amended and recommitted to said committee
  8. here is 1 for NY no DCA Lic # how many more. let use this as a refesher course. i think their is case law on this letter.
  9. i filed a False claim on them with the NYS OAG and the 10TH JUDICIAL DISCIPLINE COMMISSION and they are both investigating them. i would like to see them get out of this.
  10. here they tried to sue me back in 2006 for this debt but lost in 2007 so why would they pull reports for an account in 2008 and 2009 if they say they sent back the account? and why what resaon do they have to pull a report on a claim they could not prove in court after the case was over?
  11. file complaint with the OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency tell them you ask First Premier for this information and they refuse to give it to. that what i did and i got a copies of the statments everything i wanted.
  12. i just got this from cohen & slamowitz saying they never made inquires into my report and if they did they did it for an extenetison of credit. here is the letter and report. so can i get $2,000.00 from them? the letter were move down