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  1. I have a hospital bill from last year which has went to a collections agency for 381 what do I need to do to get it off my credit report. I am currently not working and can not pay the bill. The hospital does not offer charity to pay the bill any help will be gladly appreciated.
  2. I want to know will bumping work for Transunion still, because I have read different post that say it want work but some people say they are still using it. I would like to know before I sign up for True Credit and about how long does it take before the inquries start to come off.
  3. Its a company on the net who say the can remove transunion inquires but they have to wipeout your whole TU report. What is a wipeout? Will that mean you dont have know credit anymore.
  4. I called equifax and I got all the inquiries I disputed off my report in 24 hrs. It probably was easy because I already had a fraund alert on my report. But I am not having any luck with TU I call two or three times a day and they still say I have to contact the orginal creditor. Anybody have any suggestion.
  5. This is the link i use http://annualcreditreport.transunion.com/tu/disclosure/currentSituation.jsp
  6. I have not had any luck removing inquries from my TU report anybody have any suggestions on how I can get them remove. I do not like TU
  7. I used this method with equifax and got 13 inq removed in less than 24 hours. Thanks
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