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  1. They claim to have a new method to credit repair that works better than disputes. They offer a guarantee of a 720 credit score within 6 months or they continue working with you until you get it. Should I try it? I'm desperate to get my only Charge-off removed from my credit report. Jordan
  2. HOw do I know when my last delinquency was? It doesn't say it on my report but I think it was over 8 years ago. Citibank is just reporting it as a charge off on my TU report as "Balance $664 / Past Due Amount $0" So I really don't know how to interpret that. Also, Citibank is reporting on Experian but differently. It says that I have been late by 90 days, 26 times! And $664 of that is "Unpaid balance reported as loss by credit grantor." This is very confusing. Status as of July: 2008 Date opened June: 2000 Date of last activity: January, 2003 Date of last payment: March, 2001 Date closed: Not Reported
  3. I just got a MOV response from TU regarding a Citibank Charge-Off. They said "Verification Documents not Available...We do not provide dispute verification responses received from creditors" I disputed it via certified mail. I got a response saying it was frivolous. SO I did a MOV dispute and I received this. What should I do next? I heard some people say that I should dispute it for another reason, such as the dates or amounts, what do you think? FYI, it's a Citibank charge-off from June, 2000. However, it was last reported this month. I've been trying to get help on this one too. I think they have re-aged it. It was sent to CA in May, 2001. I paid the CA ages ago and the CA has stopped reporting, but Citibank still reports it. Trust me, I have sent no less than 6 certified mail disputes to Citibank asking them to stop reporting as well as countless phone calls. It's a nightmare because they just keep transfering me to other departments. Is it time for court? Here is exactly what my CR says: Status: Jul, 2008 Date opened: Jun, 2000 Date of last activity: Mar, 2001 Date paid out: Not Reported Date closed: Jan, 2008 Notice how it says date closed, January 2008. What does that mean? And date of last activity, is that where the 7.5 year rule begins? Thus, does that mean that this account is due to fall off this November? Jordan NYC
  4. Good point jq26. If I did take that route, I'd just have to be damn sure to disclose everything. However, nothing could induce me to take a large debt with 15% interest. My FICO is not that bad: EQ 738. The other two are mid 600's. It's tricky situation I'm in. Those with capital get ahead. Those without, stay behind. I knew a friend of a friend who took a big risk, and it worked out quite well for him. Obviously I'm not him, and I don't base my decisions on others. But at the same time, there is a lesson to be learned. Those who take risks either fail or succeed. Those who take no risks, at least in my situation, stay trapped in a low-paying dead-end job. Jordan NYC Debt is just a number.
  5. I haven't made up my mind at all. I'm just trying to figure this out and understand my options. I do appreciate you advice and I hope I didn't sound confrontational in my posts. I was just trying to debate. You know, tonight on CNN they had this lady giving advice on how to deal with CAs. I thought it was going to be great to get the truth out on a huge network like CNN! I was so wrong. The lady gave the worst advice and I actually thought she might be working for the credit industry. She said the debtor should engage the CA on the phone and try to settle!!!! Nonsense. I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for creditors who charge 15-28% interest rates. So all I'm saying is that I don't want to be scared out of getting a large loan. I don't come from money and there is no way I'd ever be able to save up enough. Even if I did, by then the opportunity would probably be gone. My motto is: Debt is just a number.
  6. Investors is out of the questions and really isn't practical. I'm opening up a phone store in NYC. Rent alone is at least $8000 a month! SBA is just as difficult as private loans- that was the first place I looked. Even the SBA stressed the importance of having more than enough capital to stay afloat. Also, SBA doesn't grant anything close to what I need. Further, I'm not a minority of any kind so I can't take advantage of preferential loans- nor would I want to. So would I be obligated to inform my potential loan officer that I am applying for other loans as well? If so, no problem. I'm not trying to break the law. But something tells me it doesn't matter. If I told them they wouldn't care. I deduce this based on what they have told me so far when I talked with several different banks.
  7. Everywhere I go it says that most small business fail due to lack of capital to stay afloat in the first year or two. Without the capital I won't be able to support the company. Also, what other way is there besides a large loan? Isn't that how all businesses start out? Eventually there must be some risk somewhere. I don't know about the argument of the loans becoming non-dischargeable. In fact, that is what a few loan officers recommended. They said that I should go for a couple of loans at once to get the full amount. Further, how could it be fraud then? An attorney once told me that if they're going to lend to someone money, then the risk is on them- even if you went to Vegas and lost it all on craps. Essentially, all loans that aren't fraudulent, excluding student loans etc..., are dischargeable. I wouldn't be hiding anything. Jordan NYC
  8. I'm going to apply for a few loans at once. If I get accepted for more than one, I can take both right? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to start a business with a non-secured loan. Everyone I've spoken to so far, banks and creditors, has said that I'll need to do it through a personal loan because I have no assets and the business is a start up. Also, I'll probably only be approved for about 30-50K, though I need 150k. So my strategy, I think, is to apply for several loans all in the same day. If I get approved for 4 or 5, I plan to accept them. I figure that it will take at least a couple weeks for the loans to show up on my credit report, thus lowering my score and raising my risk. However, it will be too soon for other creditors to see that I have taken out other loans. Is my reasoning correct? Let me know or if you have any other ideas on how to get large unsecured loans with no assets and a FICO of: EQ 738 / EX 655 / TU 622. Is there anything I can do to sexy up my application? Jordan NYC
  9. On the advice of the CIC community, I'm kicking my Orchard cards to the curb. xoxo, jordan nyc
  10. Thank you Debt Guy. Yes, that clears a lot of things up for me. I'll write the CRA to see if I can get a date on when it will fall off (although I have no idea how to call them. Every time I try I can only get through to automated systems). In the meantime I'll be sure to DV from the DF and document everything meticulously. When October comes and goes, I should have a solid papertrail that I can work with. Thanks again. Jordan NYC
  11. What are the two subprimes? Sorry, I'm a newbie. Also, I already paid it off a long time ago. I paid a collection agency. Citibank says they have no record of my account anymore, and conveniently won't send me a letter stating that because as the supervisor told me she isn't allowed to. But she did tell me that I should dispute it with the CRA because there is no way they could verify for them. The only problem is that I have been disputing it for over a year and every time I do EX & TU say that it has been verified!!! How kafkaesque! For a complete story see my other posts titled "Have I been Re-Aged" that I did today. And "Catch 22" that I did yesterday. It's so frustrating because I'm getting different stories from them, and they even report it differently on my CR. EX says that I still haven't paid and TU says that it was simply charged-off. This is the only negative item on my report so I'm trying like hell to get it off. Since I first started disputing in January of 2007 I have managed to have about 10 items removed from my report, so I know it can be done, it's just a matter of how. Maybe I should look into taking them to court.
  12. I'm trying to maximize my score in order to take out a small business loan / personal loan. As of now my FICO is: EQ 738 / EX 655 / TU 622. I have one negative item, a charge-off, on my TU & EX reports. A bunch of student loans in good standing. I think what is holding me down is that I only have 9 years of credit history. Obviously I need to raise them. So I have some credit cards but I don't know if I have too many or not enough. I've noticed how many people post all the cards they have with the limits and some of them have like 20 cards! Is this optimal? Please give me any advice that you can think of. Do I have the right types of cards? Do I need higher credit limits? etc...So here is a breakdown of the cards I have and their respective limits. I have a zero balance on all these cards. Paypal Mastercard: $3,000 Capital One MC: $1,600 Chase MC: $2,400 Orchard MC: $400 Orchard MC: $400 Bloomingdales: $2,400 Best Buy: $3,000 Total: 7 Cards, $13,200 in Credit
  13. I'm not sure if I have been re-aged or not. It's a charge-off / collection from Citibank on my EX & TU Credit Reports. I opened it in June of 2000. I haven't made a payment on it since March of 2001. In fact, I haven't touched it since then. Now the CRA are saying something different. On my TU report, it states the Date Opened as June, 2000. Date of Last Activity March 2001. Date Closed January 2008. Date Paid Out: Not Reported. On my EX report it states date opened as June 2000. However, it says that the DOLA is January 2003 (different from TU). Further, it says that the date of last payment is March 2001 (TU didn't report on Date of Last Payment, only on DOLA). So, what should I go by, the DOLA or the Date of Last Payment? Date closed Not Reported. Further, it claims that it's an "Unpaid Balance reported as loss by credit grantor" and it says that I have been 90 days late payment 26 times! It says that I was late as recently as last month. This is confusing. So do I go by the DOLA, which was the last time I made a payment in March of 2001. Or does the date closed count, which was January of 2008? Or in the case of EX, Date of Last Payment, or DOLA? I'm so confused. How can I find out if a Charge-off has been re-aged or when it's scheduled to fall off? Any ideas on how to find out about when this will fall off. I mean, I haven't made a payment on it since March, 2001. What should I do? Can this be pursued in court? Should it?
  14. Sorry all, but what does "FTC" mean? It's not on the Commonly USed Abbreviations. I have to file a police report too so I want all the info I can get.
  15. First off, congrats on your success. You're an inspiration. I'm a beginner here but I'm a serious beginner. I've been doing credit repair on my own for the past 6 months and just found this site! I can't believe I didn't find it earlier. My questions are: I noticed that you said you called EQ or EX. How did you get to speak with a representative? Every time I call it's all automated and I can't get through to a person. Also, why all the jewelry store credit? Is it because you just like jewelry or you get it to boost your credit score? I only ask because I read somewhere that if you get too much new credit it will hurt your score. And I think you also posted that you got denied a Commerce Bank loan because you had too much credit. Take care, Jordan NYC