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  1. Citi cut my $7,500 Sears account down to the $2200 amount I owe! This leaves me at 100% utilization on that card and a drop in CS. &^%$#@! Fred Meyers cut the limit in half too. I'm expecting Kay to follow suit next. <insert another big long line of obscene profanity here> .
  2. Hey Freak that's good news! Glad to hear a positive success story. .
  3. I applied online with Kay, and it wasnt instant. I called them and they said they needed to verify my info and income, and that I had to go in to the store. ooookkk so it isnt near me or convenient, but I went anyway. Then it took nearly 45 minutes to get that handled! Lots of passing the phone back and forth, asking me crap from way the hell back in my history and scrutinizing my drivers licence, yada yada. Finally the manager there said they are their own financiers and they have to be sure there is no fraud. At that point fraud wasnt what she needed to be worried about . . . . I got approve
  4. CPD . . you have so much credit now, Target isnt going to make or break you. I have no love for them either, but perhaps you would think twice about cancelling the CL. Just let it ride. No one says yo have to use THEIR card when you shop with them either. I have a Fred Meyers MC that I get bonus points on. Every 3 months I get back about $80 - $100 in Fred Meyers rewards cash and coupons, non of my other cards have the kind of perk.
  5. When was the last time someone successfully disputed EQ and got items removed? How old were the items at that time? .
  6. I wouldnt have known cuz it's set up for auto pay, and I never use it. But since you're you, I spent the 87 seconds it took to check and this is what I see: Statement Closing Date:10/25/2009 I really can't account for their reasoning. But, at some point I just said "screw 'em" and let them report me as paying on time and watched the little green dots pile up behind the reporting . . . and let's face it, it's the monthly green dots that count in the end. .
  7. Yup just got a letter in the mail, I don't check the Target account often enough any longer to have discovered it otherwise.
  8. I've had the Target card for over a year and also got bumped from $200 to $1,000. Sears upped my store card, and gave me a $7,000 MC. BestBuy upped my store card limit from $1,500 to $1,800 with an online request and gave me a $1,500 MC which doesnt even have the same no interest promos the store card has. When I bought the Pathfinder 2 weeks ago, my score dipped a few points due to inquiries, but when the BB MC account showed up, the scores jumped back up to 737 again! Strange things are afoot. I think the retailers are pressuring the lenders to give incentives to anyone with a jay oh bee and
  9. I've had luck all the other times with EQ until today. I got the "Inquiries are a factual record of file access" verbiage and my score dropped from 733 to 724 due to the inquiries from a vehicle purchase.
  10. In my experience, you can ask, but when you're talking to a first level CSR you're likely to hear anything. "Well it's all computer generated, we put in your data and then the big lights in the grey wall all go blinky blinky while we watch the patterns and guess what the outcome will be. Then the computer spits out your fate and we give you the good \ bad news. We really can't tell you anything more than this about the mysterious process. *stares frightfully at grey blinking wall* When I was a kid we had a toy call a See and Say, and if you pulled the string the hand-dial would spin and the d
  11. My wife is from another country so she had to start over with credit here. She got an auto loan from our CU, and yesterday I bought a 4x4 with a 17.5k loan from them. The inquiries to EQ dropped my score a notch so I just disputed them again, let's hope the EQ monkeys can still push buttons on a KB. Having just added a 2004 Nissan Murano SE and a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder SE . . we're done shopping for a while. (or at least till the black friday sales) .
  12. I have a Fred Meyers Rewards Master Card because I shop there so much. Initially it was just $500, but I use it for everything so I had to make payments 3x a week to keep some available credit on it. I called customer service and explained that this was a hassle and causing high utilization, she she submitted me for $1500. Then in like 10 seconds BOOM denied. I fumed about this till the next day, but I'm not one to lose, so I searched until I found the actual lending office for this Royal Bank of Scottland Fred Meyers services. The woman on the phone made huffing sounds while I explained to he
  13. I can't point the finger, I got everything I have right now, all being unemployed! My CRA's shows the employer and all three match. I'm able to manage this and not have to over utilize it etc. In fact, I had to make a special trip to Target just to poke around and find something to put a balance back on there. Same with Sears.
  14. The forums have limitations for our safety and enjoyment to prevent spammers from posting MML opportunities, penis enlargement ads and links to nefarious scams that collect your personal information. I hope you hang out and participate long enough to look past this. Back to your post, I was listening to NPR and someone in the spirits industry stated that business was booming with every down turn in the economy. Sounds like your dad was spot on.
  15. Which score are you referring to? FICOs don't fluctuate often, and if it's a FAKO from one of the monitoring services, then it's all but a mute point and (in all probability) meaningless. FAKO scores are an interpretation of credit worthiness based on a CRA formula. They go down, they go up. Is it a Thursday? Was it cold outside? Full moon? They drop on one CRA and go up on another, go figure. Do you hve any new inquiries? Did Sallie Mae pull a new inquiry on you? That alone can do it. I wouldnt worry about it, mine took a plunge when I open a few new accounts, and not they have risen again ba