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  1. Hey guy's, I have one bad thing left on my credit report, and it's from a previous mortgage. It has since been paid off, but several serious red flags were left on my credit during some rough times. So my question is, when exactly should this fall off? I see there are still positive marks from over 8 years ago. Thanks
  2. The supposed debt is actually not over 10 years old. The account was opened over 10 years ago and stayed active until a year or 2 ago. In any event, they have yet to contact me again after our pleasant conversation on Sunday. I think I'll wait until (or if) I hear from them again before I send them correspondence in the mail. Thanks for all the info guy's
  3. It is not on my credit report. If this debt is for real, it would be within the SOL. I have no problem paying it either, but I'm sure as Hell not giving my credit card to some bozo on the phone, especially since I've never seen this in writing. According to the CA they were not going to send me one in writing either. I would think if someone flat out tells the CA " I'll gladly pay it, just send it to me in writing" they would be all over it.
  4. I don't have enough posts to insert links yet, but I found this link regarding these goons. Just insert the www 800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-866-720-1471
  5. Ok here's who it is: Allied Interstate 866-720-1471. You would think if I really owe them money, and I'm willing to pay if I do, they would gladly send me a bill in the mail.
  6. Hi guy's, I had a call today (Sunday), on my cell phone no less, from a 866 area code phone number, while I was on the other line. I did not answer it and called it back a few minutes later. The person on the other end (who's spoke terrible English) stated he was with a debt collection agency and I owed $59 for an old AOL account. He verified my screen name and previous address along with the opening and closing dates of the account. I told him no problem, that is possible, just send me something in the mail that states who you are and I will gladly pay it. He refused and wanted me to pay him with a credit card right now, no exceptions. I told him it sounds like a scam and he assured me it was not. He stated they sent previous debt collection letters to my old address and would not send anything else. If if did not pay right now I would be listed as a bum,etc, etc. I asked if they had my social security # and he would not say. He also stated during the argument, that I called him, whether or no that's relevant, I do not know. We then got into a heated FU type argument and he hung up. I don't remember, but is it possible that 10 years ago, AOL asked for a SS#, upon sign up? Any ideas on what to say or do when they call back? Thanks
  7. I just used myfico and they gave me the 687 score. Go figure!
  8. Over the last several years I have had serious credit issues. I have worked hard to fix this, and my credit scores are now acceptable. The big 3 are as follows: EXP 767, TU 687 and EQ 708. My problem is, however, I look like I was in prison for the last 6 years, with no new account or current activity. Based on my current scores, what would be a good kick start to show new activity? Would I still have to apply for a secured card, or should I try to get credit from a department store, etc? Thanks in advance
  9. I know one or more similar questions about this have been asked, but I find it interesting. I did a 3 in 1 credit report thru creditreport.com a month ago. My TU score was the lowest at 687. I did another 3 in 1 this week and it's still the same, 687. So on the same day, I paid another $14 thru credit report.com to get only my TU only report and score. My TU score then comes back at 701, with-in minutes of me pulling the 3 in 1. Any ideas why this happened? And no, There is no new credit or changes that should affect it. Thanks
  10. I think I'll send them a letter that states all the above, and see what happens next. Thanks guys
  11. Hey guy's, I just recieved a collection letter from a company that bought an old credit card debt of mine. It has since fallen off my credit reports due to length of time that has passed. I was give several different options regarding "making payments" to them. Can these bozo's re-open this account and have it show up on my credit report again? Should I just ignore it? Thanks in advance
  12. Admin, Thanks for your reply. The OC was bought out by another bank several years ago, and after it became a Charge-Off. I'm curious what they do come up with. Will I even know before the actual trial? Thanks again
  13. I'm certainly no expert on this, but I'm basing it on what I was told elsewhere. Here is a quote from another member that has been very helpful: Dipsute it if you havent done so already. Write more letters demanding it. They were supposed to get that from the OC and it appears they are having problems. Accuse them of continuing collection activity on an unvalidated debt. I dont think they will get what they need if they are forced to use a request for production to get it. After you dispute, and get the results back, go to the OC and demand proof yourself. If they dont send it to you then you know why the DC is having problems getting it too. This is starting to smell like an FDCPA violation. Challenge the chain of title also making them prove legal standing to collection rights Is he wrong? Should I not do anything?
  14. I'm wondering what the proper way (maybe a sample letter) would be to object to a CA/Lawyer that is trying to get "Notice of production from non-party"? I have limited time to respond and it looks as if it's in my best interest to object. They are trying to dig up information on this old credit card account from the OC, after we already had a hearing before a judge. The trial date has yet to be set. Thanks in advance
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