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  1. A new-bie here. Just a quick question..sort of. I do not have LVNV on my credit report anymore. Last August they fell off after 7-7.5 yrs reporting period passed. A month ago, I recieved a letter from one of its affiliated companies Capital Management Services, LP to pay same old debt. I DV'd them and they replied back stating that they recieved my DV letter and they will gather info from the other company Resurgent Capital Services and will forward to me once they recieved it. It is almost 30 days now and have not heard anything back, and my question is what should be my next step. Should I send them a 2nd DV letter or simply send them a "FOAD" letter. Could they still sue me if I send them a C& D letter? The debt is way, way past SOL and I do not have any judgment. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.