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  1. Sounds like they were doing more than just surviving - putting two buns in the oven in the space of two years?!?! Wow, it's a new spin on "survival." Amazing that they were able to do that amidst all the "medical problems," too.
  2. I stuck this onto the end of the "credit cards are not lawful" thread but realized it needs its own thread. Let the melee begin. (copied text follows): I just thought I'd contribute to the perennial thread. A perfect example of "crapitude" (crappy attitude) Note that the pregnant lady with all the medical problems (uh-huh, I bet - if pregnancy is a "medical problem") was able to nevertheless crank out TWO kids in the space of 24 months while not paying her mortgage for the same 24 months... (extra free time?) And the wine steward ceased paying his mortgage as a way of "sticking to to the ba
  3. edit: I made a contribution to this zombie thread here but then I cut and pasted it to its own new thread. (called "This deserves a thread of its own.")
  4. That seems a little sociopathic and unbalanced; you might want to channel your energies more positively in another direction instead.
  5. My son is 18 now and therefore old enough to get these offers. Most likely because within the last year I helped him obtain his one and only credit card, an unsecured USAA mastercard. Who needs more than that? If I had to start with one company, I'd start with and stay with USAA because I can't imagine needing to do business with another credit card company. I'm sure it's because of having that card that he was offered an AMEX (not USAA's version, but a real AMEX) recently, and he didn't even entertain the notion. He's cheap/prudent enough (and on a student's budget, which means a shoestri
  6. This may be of interest:
  7. I never said I lived above my means. I over-leveraged for other reasons. I'm not sure why you assumed that. Also, I don't see why those with job loss or medical-cost misfortunes would be affected by interest rate increases unless they had over-extended themselves, as I originally said. I realize that living on credit has become the American way of life, but that doesn't make it safe or wise.
  8. Well, really, workingpoor, what would you do if you were a banker? Run the bank as a non-profit? People have to protect themselves from being taken advantage of, and from getting into precarious situations. Anyone who is significantly harmed by an interest rate increase has over-borrowed... I should know! I am over-leveraged in a variety of ways. It's not ideal. I got myself here, though... I'm not blaming anyone else for it. I'm not saying that there should be no regulations or protections in place for the consumer - obviously there should - but for the most part, agony caused by the act
  9. I hardly read this site anymore because it seems like nothing happens here anymore. Or so I thought... after a while I realized that nothing was happening in the "obtaining credit" forum which is the main one I liked reading and posting in. I guess there is action on this board but it seems to be more in the "going to court"-type forums, whatever they're called... "Is there a lawyer in the house?" etc. So yeah, I think this site (for me) had its heyday a few years ago. I guess since credit has more-or-less dried up for the consumer (or at least for the non-high-FICO-score consumer), the sit
  10. This reminds me of Peter Schiff. My best friend is always talking about the collapse of the dollar; I even read somewhere that P.S. is going to issue his own proprietary currency.
  11. Do you mean like the last week, including today? Or do you think there is more pain to come? By the way, little story about ATPG: I made a nice tidy profit on it way back in January or so. Then I bought in again at the wrong time, twice. Didn't want to talk about it, it was so painful. I was asleep at the wheel and didn't wake up till it had wrecked my accounts (numbers only, no selling or margin damage or anything like that.) It happened fast, too, while I sat there saying, "Duh?" It just wasn't pretty to look at and gave me an ulcer every day is what I am saying. I sat through it and
  12. 1. Milk 2. Beer 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (what happens after ten items is reached? Do we get kicked out of the "ten items or less" lane?)
  13. Not sure if it was announced or when it happened, but I just noticed it. Looking good! Just wanted to make sure it was noted that someone noted it.
  14. Is that what it takes - curiosity? That's me - I spend all day and all night learning. I am addicted. I comb the internet and I pick up textbooks from yard sales (sociology, for example, is my latest interest and I was told today that I should pursue accounting) and read them in the bathtub even though I am not in college. I think I drink more coffee than that each month. Check that box, too, then. Sorry I butted in here. I am not an aspiring lawyer. The thread title caught my attention, though (see? curiosity)
  15. I posted a thread about this several months ago with a link to the company's website. Here is the thread: