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  1. From experience, if you rehabilitated your loan (paid it for 9 months on time), part of the contract is that your defaulted loan would then become current and not needed to be deleted since it's yours. Unfortunately, since Sallie Mae carried the loan initially when you defaulted, they will not delete it....You just have to wait until it falls off you CR from the DOFD. I had two student loans like this. CSA had two current loans, while Sallie Mae still reported them as defaulted. You have done more than enough! I would just be concerned if there is a balance with Sallie Mae. There should be a Zero balance, and the current balance should be reported by CSA. Two balances will hurt you if both TL's are reporting the same amount due. Semper Fi P.S. I guess this isn't my final post...
  2. I want to say thank you to all CIC veterans and new members (since I joined) who have helped contribute to this site! I am now officially part of the 700 club. I just reviewed my scores as of today from MyFICO, and they were TU:712 and EQ:716 with an Equifax score of 770 :confused:from their website. It has been almost 3 years since I started this stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating process with a FICO median of 540. I have learned my lessons...If you can't pay cash, then you can't afford it. Homes are different... I managed to get 15 deletions, while suing 2 for violations and receiving over $4,000 in statutory damages. I wish everyone the best who is struggling with their fight. Don't let them beat you, stay motivated! Semper Fi
  3. After reading this thread..... I can basically write All 3 CRA's and tell them to delete inquiries that are older than 1 year, Right? I have a lot of them because I moved and bought a car. 3 pulls for each....
  4. My LAST!! neg TL is suposed to go away in two years. This CA has a date open (02/06) on my EX and TU. This is for Advantage Rent-a-Car: $2,500 I know for a fact, with no paper proof, that this TL was openend in 03/04, with a DOFD thereafter. I disputed this with both CRA's, telling them that the dates were inaccurate and didn't show my DOFD. I will wait to see what they say.... Two years to fall off for something that should be off within 6 months is rediculous!! Was it the right move??
  5. Anyone have a phone number to call these monkey' speak to a live person? It appears that I have already used my anual free credit report, but I'm positive I didn't; because I keep accurate records of that. I thinks it's a ploy to jam me up for $8. On a side note: What's the best way to ask these bureaucrats (all 3 CRA's) to tell me when a trade line will fall off, when it's not listed. Thanks!
  6. Devildawgjj


    It's been about 2 years since I've checked my credit score.... I noticed that EX is not part of the 3 scores given at myfico. When did that happen? Why is it $15 a pop now? It used to be $7. Did EX go bankrupt....
  7. It's been about 2 years since I've checked my credit score.... I noticed that EX is not part of the 3 scores given at myfico. When did that happen? Why is it $15 a pop now? It used to be $7. Not that I plan on getting any credit in the near future, I just wanted to see where I'm at, since I paid off a $12,000 car loan from Crap1 in March. Did EX go bankrupt....
  8. Unfortunately, you have to live with it.....Small inconvenience for not paying them off. I just sent a JDB a FOAD letter and 1-2 punched them. It was recently deleted after 4yrs of "NOT" trying to collect, but reporting it. You will have to be pro-active in monitoring your report just to see if any more are sold. Good Luck!
  9. I was in the same boat this time last year. Purchased an 06 Suburban, payed half in cash, and financed the other at 11%. Now the catch, and don't know if it helped, was that I had the money to pay all of it off at once. But, I opted to finance the other half in lieu of helping my score. Which, who knows if it helped?? I will pay off the car when my tax returns come......That is unless Obama spent them already..... One piece of advice I will offer is NEVER buy a new car!! I saved 15K just waiting 3 years.
  10. No, Chase is reporting as charge off acct still, with last reporting of 07/05. This one should fall off my report Nov of this year! I'm just glad that my so called debt-to-income is chopped in half. I'll post my new score when I find $40 dollars lying around the house.....
  11. Well the old dog that was sound asleep, the one I was afraid to awake, has been euthanized!! TU, EX, and EQ have deleted the account!! Investment Retreivers a JDB who allegedly bought this account from chase said I owed them 15K. So, finally when they tried to collect, I sent them a FOAD letter and tried the 1-2 punch. These POS were the reason I couldn't get a home loan last summer. I tried to tell the lender, but they apperently believe what is on your report is accurate and true:roll: A special thanks to the vets on this forum for giving me confidence and knowledge in helping me UnF my credit report.. I am excited to see my new score since these deletions. I haven't checked it since 08/2008. It was in the 620's then.
  12. Today I received a certified letter from Investment Retrievers, stating only the OC, the amount, and the date opened. They must be on top of their game, I just DV'd them on the 2nd. This is a weak attempt so show proof, but it is just that. I want to send them a C&D letter tomorrow. What rules and regulations do they have to comply with when they receive my C&D letter? Thanks
  13. Carolina, Thanks for the intel! I'm going to try the ol' 1-2 punch on them, just to start a paper trail incase they want to get nasty. Once I get my CR from the CRA's validating or deleting, I will send them (JDB) a C&D. Quick question: Once it's has been past the 7 or 7.5 year mark for reporting; all I would have to do is write a letter to the CRA's and tell them to delete this tradeline because of such matters? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the replys! Not sure why it would be a FDCPA violatoin for talking to my wife? This "is" a credit card account. I think I will send them a 809( letter, then dispute this with the CRA's. I would definatly like to sue them. I have a feeling that they will call again. One thing I learned here is, I will not talk to a CA on the phone, EVER! I couldn't get a home loan because these donkies were reporting 15K. If I do not get that (5 day) letter, then what? TU is reporting this account type as OPEN. Does that mean anything? So basically they have no legs to stand on with it being past the SOL? Our Dress Blue's "are" awesome!! The only term we give our dress uniforms, would be the mokey suit, our Service "A".
  15. Hello again! I has been nominally quite on my credit repair. Except...... I had a JDB call my house today. I wasn't home, my wife took the call. They specifically asked for me. When my wife asked what this wast pertaining to she said, it was "buisness matters". She left a number for me to call back. My wife did a reverse look-up and it was Investment Retrievers. I have left them alone on fixing my credit report since they are reporting an exuberant amount. $15,215 to be exact. Chase is the original creditor and they have already written off the amount of $6,447. My DOFD is 02/2004. It' set to fall off my report 11/2010. My qestions are: Does the phone call consitute first contact, even though I did not talk to anyone. They have 5 days to send me a letter regarding the call, right? What if they don't? Should I send them my 809(b)then dispute this with all 3 CB's, or send them a C&D letter and be done with it? This one scares me the most.....I just want them to leave me alone. Ohh, and did I mention I'm an unempolyed civilian now. Good luck on them getting paid even if they took me to court. Repsectfully Former Marine