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  1. I am trying to settle some medical bills that have been reported to the credit buearus (sorry for my spelling). I have lawyers who are handling it and stated to them that I want a "Pay to Delete" for settling the debt. I was told by the attorney that information can only be removed from my credit report if the information reported was inaccurate. I told them that I have read about the "Pay to Delete" on various sites online, but they said they never heard of that. Are they right? Also I keep getting phones calls from the collection agency regarding these medical bills even though my law
  2. Can I still request a collector to validate a debt AFTER the initial 30 days of initial contact by them? I have several debts. I have requested debt verfication from some, but I have not received anything from them. These requests for verification were sent much later than the initial 30 days of contact. Some by months, others by a year or so. I never really understood the verification process and tried speaking to them over them phone, but that was a horrible experience and nothing good came out of it. My credit reports list "ify" information regarding the debts, like the "Date of Fir