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  1. Some good news, i have successfully removed all the baddies from my credit reports after 10 years. My last remaining judgment fell off as of this month (SOL). Now the problem i have is, i have NO credit! my credit reports are literally blank. Not a single line item on TU and EQ. EX still has a couple of very old good items (a paid off car, and a paid off mortgage from 1998). they arent on the others, but for some reason EX never removed them. So the question is: If you had a blank report to start over from, what exactly would you do to rebuild? Im thinking about an orchid credit card (maybe secured, and put $2500 on deposit, if i get approved for $300 unsecured, is it worth it?), should i get more than 1 CC? also, i know this has been asked a gazillion times, the problem is when i search the board, i get alot of old data. where is the best place to monitor credit reports and get FICO scores? I have truecredit now, but the scores are worthless. I would appreciate hearing from others that started from scratch, and what they did with timelines. thanks!
  2. even after all this time? they will just cancel all the charges? there are 3 liens about $2K each
  3. no, i looked it up, they have to be registered in the state to collect. most of these collection agencies are small ones, so its not surprising.. I found registrations for all the big ones (like NCO etc) but what can i do with this information?
  4. in my ongoing effort to clean up... I discovered that 2 of the 3 collection agencies that have accounts on my report, are not registered with the state of florida, or their registration has lapsed. they haven contacted me in years, (I moved to FL about 5 years ago). I am disputing it with the CRA's, and thinking of doing a 623 letter to them afterwards, since its been well more than 30 days since any contact. of course i want them to avoid passing it off to someone else (although on a 5+ year old debt, i cant imaging who). the other thought, can i just file a lawsuit, claiming they cant collect it because they arent registered to, and then settle with a deletion or something? or possibly report them to the state here? any ideas?
  5. i have a thought on this, but i am not a lawyer.. if they havent filed a countersuit, couldnt you just dismiss your case without prejudice? then if the amount is under $5000 and they want to persue YOU, they would have to file it in small claims in your area, then you could counter sue them with the case you have now. or if they dont come back after you, sue them again in a few months in small claims. the reason i said this, i had a lawsuit for a collection not to long ago, except i was not guilty, i had a cancelled check.. so after the first court date, i sent a copy of the cancelled check to the CA, and they did that, dismissed without prejudice. couple years ago, i had a similar situation, except i counter sued, i proved my case to the CA (proof of payment), but they couldnt dismiss it unless i did too (since there was a counter suit) has to be a "join dismissal" and i did it with prejudice. so my thinking is make them run around a bit, and if they come back, they will have to spend the money. out of curiosity, who is this CA?
  6. leslie, you said "The JDBs will most likely verify the TLs and you will have leverage in the form of a violation" what violation is that? (I have similar disputes to do)
  7. Hi I have just gotten three $2,000 tax liens on my credit reports from a county in indiana. I have never lived in indiana... apparently, about 7 years ago, i did a trade show in indiana, didnt sell anything so i didnt fill out the tax return.. so somehow, that 1 missed tax return is now $6,000... I want to dispute the tax lien as not mine should i follow the same process as disputing a CA? dispute with the CRA and the OC at the same time, or dispute with the CRA first? these liens were just filed last month, and its from about 7-8 years ago, i dont think there is any proof positive that its mine. anyone have experience with indiana state? i know when i called the CRA to get the phone number for who reported it, they gave me the wrong number, so i know the information they have on file for the OC is incorrect (It was the county tax department phone #, i got xferred several times to get to the right place, state dept.)
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