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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply. I would have responded sooner. I thought that this website will send me an email notifying me of the reply made to my post. anyways.. the account is on my sisters name. I am the Authorized user on the Acct. Although the Collections Agency does not knowledge this. the reason the call me is i was always responsible for paying the bills and therefore i had only my phone number on the acct. The address on the Acct is also mine. Not my sisters. I also just learned that the letter i sent them (see below) came back to me as undeliverable as addressed. to answear your questi
  2. Hi, fist i must say this website is the best i ever come across. (finally a useful site around the net) now to the real problem. about 5 years ago, i was a young kid wanting to get an expensive toy. (about 6,000) i put that in my sisters credit by having her get a credit card from that store i was making a purchase. since i had full responsibility, i began paying the credit off little by little. unfortunately i lost my job while paying for the item and could not pay my bill. i was unemployed for about a year after graduating college and bills just started piling up. the unpaid dept for this