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  1. I paid the CA's and i couldn't find anything on my credit report that has med1 on it.
  2. I have two negative medical bills on my credit report. They were both placed into collections but recently have been paid by my tax returns. I have disputed with all of the credit bureaus and they have all came back as "verified". so my next questions is where to go from here, i know there are more ways to go about getting things removed. Should i contact the original creditor before i do anything else. Im new to this credit repair stuff so i am open to anyones suggestions. have a great day
  3. any idea where i can get a hold of that email address?
  4. I have recently talked to capital one about removing some late payments off of my credit report. They tell me they cannot do that. They told me once it is on there that they cant remove it. Are they lying? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to tell them? I am current on my account right now. They can also tell me every time i was late so i dont know if sending an investigation letter will help or not. I have already disputed them on all of the credit bureaus. Is there still any chance i can get them removed? Im trying to get my score up to buy a house.
  5. I made some mistakes when i was a little younger and got in trouble with a capital one credit card. i was reported late about 6 times. i have been working with a credit repair service and have tried everything i know to do to get this taken off. I am trying to buy a home and cannot get a loan because of this problem. i have disputed it several times and it comes back verified and they tell me over the phone that it cannot be taken off once it is placed on the credit report. Has anyone had this same situation and had any luck with it? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i am willing to try almost anything to try and get this off of my reports to the big 3. My account is in good standing now and has been for a while so i dont know why they will not goodwill it and take it off. i have heard that capital one can be a really hard account to get taken off. they also can tell me every month and year i was late does that make it harder to get it removed?
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