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  1. After a year of doing credit repair, we have finally got our credit to a place where we are worthy to buy a house. now we're getting calls from a credit company saying we owe money around $500. The hospital has these as starting collections September 4th.i called the hospital billing and paid of of the 2 accounts. They said it will take 7/10 days to post etc blah. She really wants me to pay the credit company. I know it's bad to deal with credit companies directly, I owe 420 bucks, and I get paid Friday 25th. What's the best way to go about this so it doesn't hit my credit report?
  2. I am currently using Lexington law to remove some collections, they are doing a great job, we are attempting to get a mortgage soon so our credit has to be good. Unfortunately my wife decided to not (forgot) pay our best buy bill on time, couldn't be a worse time. Its now listed on our reports as 30 days late. Long story short, we have never had a late payment with best buy after like 8 years with them.. Does anyone think that contacting Citibank or whoever does my credit through best buy, and explaining why, or that we are trying to purchase a house, would do anything???? Like simply asking the creditor to remove this, this one time, after 8 years without a late payment? Explaining that we are trying to purchase a house? Anyone have any suggestions on this???
  3. We moved over a year ago and the old utility company is claiming i owe them $144 and it JUST hit my reports. I actually dont mind paying even though i know i don't owe it,but my question is this: Is there a way of paying this to where it will come off my credit report? Like if i were to go directory to the utility company verses the collection agency? Where would i have the most leverage, to pay this and have them remove it from my report? Thanks guys, fyi i did credit repair from this site like 5 years ago and it literally saved my life. Ever so grateful Jacob
  4. i guess what im wondering is can they put that back on my report now that its with nco PORTFOLIO and not the regular nco that i had who previously was collecting the debt?
  5. Ok here goes.I disputed a listing on all three of my reports with the cra's from nco and it got deleted.It got deleted like three to four weeks ago.Today i get a letter from nco portfolio?I really didnt understand what the letter was for,but from what i understand,its like a privacy letter from them.I dont understand why i have to deal with nco portfolio when it was deleted..The letter wasnt asking me for anything...It just kindof explained that it was from nco PORTFOLIO that mentioned privacy... What the heck is this?????
  6. no i have NOT paid it.Someone said i did,i never said i did though
  7. tell the CA? or OC? see this is my point....WHICH ONE TO DO I DO THIS WITH?
  8. my website???? i am an actual live human being with a real problem Bro
  9. are you saying a PFD would be a waste of time??? and thank you for your response
  10. I have three Medical collections,still able to be paid through the OC and also the CA. I called the OC directly and asked if they could simply not report these after i have paid her for them. I actually got the Supervisor on the phone from the OC.She told me even after my long sob story,that since they are paying the CA to report these accts,(that they cannot-NOT tell-the CA that i have paid these off already) and obviously i would want that so i could Dispute the accts with the CRA's at which point the CA could not verify. Also,the CA insists that they do not just DELETE items. Excluding the WHYCHAT method,what would YOU do??????? Noone has provided solid answers for this to me yet.Whos up for the challenge?
  11. im sorry jesus. but that was actual prayer,lord jesus could you please send someone who may have some actual experience on this?Someone who could help??
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