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  1. I'd rather pay for delete to take it off the report What do you suggest I do
  2. Ok good advice thx
  3. Would i do pay for delete to original creditor or to the CA?
  4. Old apartment gas bill i never paid when i moved to my house i make more $$ now i can pay off the accounts no prob i just want it off my credit
  5. Hi my score is 629 in Illinois collections are: $5000 nordstrom account $4000 Citibank account $115 Peoples Gas It's been past 30 days since I've gotten the collection letters so I guess I can't do a DV since they might not respond? what is the next step? Also how can I remove late payments from accounts I still use and have recently been in good standing with? I feel like a loser I couldn't get a car loan I also have a mortgage off $250k Married but never changed last name
  6. so i have an unpaid red light camera ticket on only my transunion report from 2009 the amount is $200 i called the company today and wanted to do a pay for delete but they said they wouldn't send me the official letter for it beforehand they said they don't do that so i told them i'll get back to them they only report to transunion and they said they would send or fax me a letter showing it was deleted from my report after i pay the amount so i told them i'll have a credit lawyer send them a letter requesting a pay for delete letter for proof it will be removed in agreement to being paid in full the company is called MCOA what would be the best way to handle this so it will be removed??????
  7. i filled out the forms that came with the 3 credit reports for disputing information do i need to send letters with that too or just the forms? also, i can't find a social security card and all utility bills are in my gf name? what can I send along with my DL? passport?
  8. ok thanks for the help i appreciate it
  9. a little more info is that I paid off the original creditors about 2 years ago sears, capital one, national education, wells-fargo so don't send them anything? just strictly the 3 bureau's? and also do you think those companies have a good chance of not responding? my credit score is 671 and i need to improve it since i want a house
  10. i read the sticky and this says; If you have paid, and the item remains on your report, dispute the entry - "to be deleted upon payment per agreement" is a good start. There is a good chance that the collection agency has purged your record, and therefore will not be able to verify a dispute investigation from the credit bureau. am i sending the dispute to the Credit Bureau??? (experian trans equifax)???
  11. I'm looking to get a home and my credit score is 671 I just got my credit reports from all 3 companies by mail I don't owe too much Comcast, a couple red light camera fines, and sprint those are my collections I want to send debt validation letters out but on my credit reports it has the info of the collector's company and address but the account # is only shown partially should I call the CA and get my full account #?
  12. how would i do that with the bank then
  13. whats pfd i cant find it in abbreviations
  14. well they won't take any of the fees off i can pay the lump sum no problem i'm just worried about it being on my credit report is there a way i can get them to take it off?