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  1. I recently sent disputes to all 3 credit bureaus, TransUnion was returned to me. I believe they are stating that the address is wrong. I know I have used this address in the past. I think I read here somewhere that they change their address at times.. Anyone have a recent address for TransUnion? thank you.
  2. Hubby went today and they said he was not suppose to show at court today. The judge is looking at papers and deciding today.. why then did I get a notice from court with the date and time of court date....? Said they will notify us..
  3. ? going to court in an hour. was hoping for more info.. will check back.. thanks...
  4. Paper from court says "Motion for Default". Also, I just notice a paper from attorney that says "be advised that our office is marking the upcoming short calendar motion take papers with the court." What does this mean? what should hubby expect? Any advice please? Court date is tomorrow morning.. thank you
  5. I want to add that I did talk to lawyers office to set up settlement arrangement. They sent me paperwork to sign and amounts to send. I didn't sign anything. I did not like the wording that I agree to a judgement and didn't even go to court. I also did not like that they wanted 85%. I have not talked to lawyers office since then. If we go to court and say this is not my debt, don't they have me admitting that it is mine by the phone conversation?
  6. If I get someone on the phone at court, what should I say? The lawyer has sent photo copies of bills ,this is what Chase presented last time when hubby went to court and judge felt that was all the proof he needed and decision resulted in judgement against husband.
  7. Hubby will go to court, just does not want to use the defense that this is not his account. When I spoke to attorneys office a month ago (wanted to avoid going to court, I know I shouldn't have, but did) They would only accept 85 percent of debt. I do not have that. My husband is willing to work out a settlement offer when he goes to court, to avoid a judgement. What should my next move be? It looks like I missed the date to call in my answer. I will have hubby try calling anyways today, what should he say? Thanks..
  8. I really need help... I received from the court a "short calendar". Midland funding is named on the notice. The court date is 4/22. The notice says civil nonarguable matters. On the back are instructions on how to answer. Maybe someone is familiar with the wording and answer choices. I do not understand how to answer that would best for me. My choices are "Ready", "Take Papers" or "Off". (also looks like I could file a "Request for Argument") I think I messed up. Just read the time to call and it states by Thursday 4:00. (today is Thursday, and it is well past 4) I thought I would have till tomorrow to answer. Oh no... that changes things.. now what? This is in my hubby's name. He will not go to court and say "this is not mine". Did that a couple years ago and ended up with a judgement (from Chase bank) and just paid that off. Obviously, I want to do what won't get me another judgement. Thank you..
  9. ok. to be clear, I send letter to credit bureau saying dispute is out of date. they will remove it. Is it true that my credit score is frozen while there is a "in dispute" on my credit report?
  10. any service update daily or more often than once a month?
  11. thanks. don't care if it costs.. any other suggestions or comments.
  12. When I last tried to refinance I had a judgment, I have since paid off. The other issue the bank commented on was that I had an item on report that was "in dispute". This was from an account I disputed a few years ago, but did not follow up on.. The bank says the dispute on my account freezes my score. Is this true? Is there a way to remove this? I'm so close to refinancing.. I would like to get things started asap!! need to get out of high interest mortgage.. thanks
  13. I recently paid a judgement and would like to monitor my credit to know when it is changed to satisfied. I need to refinance. Could anyone recommend a credit monitoring service. Thank you
  14. I have a judgment from Capital One (march 2011) if I pay it, Lawyer says Capitol does not have to remove it from CR. I understand that, Aren't they required to report correctly on credit report? Once it is paid shouldn't they be reporting "paid as agreed". I would like to refi. Does anyone have a similiar situation? have you been able to refinance with a safisfied judgment? Thanks
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