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  1. Hothead


    She stated that they are going to pay for the two remaining collections
  2. Hothead


    DOLA was back in 2005, so the SOL has not passed yet!
  3. Hothead


    I will tell her that! Okay do you think if her parents write to the CA that she paid off, you think they would remove them for her CR?
  4. Hothead


    Thanks! I told her that it would probably be hard to get them removed without pressing charges against them! But hopefully there is a way!
  5. Hothead


    Her parents used them, she found out after they were COed
  6. Hothead


    Okay, my best friend ask me if I could give her some advice about her credit situation. I told her about this website and it's great information! Her problem is that her parents opened up some credit cards in her name to while she was a freshman in college, trying to build her credit! Her parents fell behind on them (5 in all) and they all were COed and sent to collections (killing her score)! She paid three of them off and two are in collections. Is there anything she can do to get them removed, without pressing charges on her parents! Thanks for your time and advice!
  7. Thanks! I am going to call or CMRRR the CRA to dispute this account hopefully they will not respond! We will see!
  8. Good Morning, Question? I have a collection that was paid back in April 2008 to Midland (MCM). It is showing "paid collection" in the comment section, balance $0, but the problem is that Current Status is showing Collection Account. What should I do? Should I dispute it online with the CRA, because they are reporting incorrect information or....? Need help! Thanks to everyone who responds!
  9. So you are saying that I am Screwed! I NEED HELP!!!! Ok, I have one thats in collections now for T-Mobile, but the Law offices of Mitchell and Kay sent the dunning letter. They sent the letter to my parents house in KY on July 1, 2008. I stay in GA so when my parents came to visit they brought it with them last week! Whats the best way to handled this one? Again I NEED HELP!!!
  10. Hello Everyone, I am a NEWBIE as you can see! I have at least 5 accounts that were sent to collections, now they are paid collections as it states on my CR (found this site after paying, don't hold that against me). So I was wondering who do I GW? The OC or the CA since they sent them collections? Is this even the best approach?
  11. Today is my first day as a member and I already love this website! Anyway I have the same problem a new collection popped up today-Wireless (T-Mobile), so do I try to work with the OC or do I try to settle with the CA. I seen in the earlier post that it is best to go after the OC when it comes to medical bills, but what about wireless collections?