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  1. no, no, no.....OSI had it years ago. Sold it to Resurgent. Resurgent contacted me a few months ago. I sent a detailed validation request and they sent one back to me as I described. Resurgent still says, as indicated in their letter, that OSI is the original creditor. OSI didn't sell it cause they couldn't validate, it's probably because it's past SOL. But I was first contacted by Resurgent back in September.
  2. Just need to be sure about something. 2 old debts and being contacted by Portfolio and Resurgent. One, an old Jewelery store account is about 17-18 years old and the other one that Resurgent is trying to collect is an old Providian CC debt. I have a bill collector's notice from back in 2000 concerning the CC debt, so that means I went delinquent with the OC before then. Here's the situation....both debts went past the SOL while I lived in KY. I now live in Indiana. Since they were all ready past the SOL before I moved out of state does the SOL start all over again (even though the SOL time was completely up) because I moved? or am I safe? Thanks.
  3. Thought I'd post an update. After I sent my letters back in September to Portfolio and Resurgent from the advice I've read here...I haven't heard a peep out of Portfolio since the end of September. And I got a validation letter (if you want to call it that) from Resurgent the other day. Not only was it not on the original creditor's letterhead...it wasn't even on their letter head. It just said "Resurgent (LVNV) acquired from account number xxxxx for "Rodney0126" from OSI/Gulf State Credit and is now owned by LVNV. Then it states the amount and payment. I'm going to send a "cease and desist all communications" letter and also state that I am reminding them of the Fair Collections Act and the Statute of Limitations regulations regarding my alleged account. I'll let you know if anything else happens.
  4. I've also got a call from them about 2 weeks ago. Actually about 3 or 4 calls. It was about a debt from 17 years ago! Luckily I've saved my credit report from many years ago that showed when the oc had written it off as a loss. I called them back once to find out what it was about and admitted to nothing, even remembering the debt. I just told them that I had no recollection of the debt and they kept pressuring me with questions and I kept telling them..."I'm not going to tell you anything. If you have anything to say then put it in writing. I refuse to talk about anything over the phone." After about the 6th time I repeated it they hung up. I immediately sent them a dv letter. They've even called 2 times since then, but I'm not answering. They will start calling from a "toll free" number so you don't know who they are when you look at the caller ID. I haven't received any letter within the 5 day period either. Keep track of everything you send and receive from them. They are suppose to stop collection activity when you DV them until they send you validation. At least that's what I've learned from here.
  5. Well, before I get too excited about this..... I've found 2 or 3 OLD credit reports that show the 17 year old account on there and then charged off. Thank goodness I was smarter than I thought and saved them. One of them says.... KAY JEWELERS >PROFIT AND LOSS WRITEOFF< REVOLVING ACCOUNT UPDATED 09/97 BALANCE: $263 CHARGE ACCOUNT OPENED 10/89 MOST OWED $263 INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT CLOSED 06/91 >PAST DUE: $263 CREDIT LIMIT: $300 >STATUS AS OF 06/91: CHARGED OFF AS BAD DEBT< This is what it says on my TU report dated 11/06/97. So does this mean I've got them by the "short hairs" and I can send them that popular "foad" letter with confidence that nothing will come back and bite me in the butt down the road on my credit reports and in court? Does anyone know where I can look to find the SOL stuff for Indiana and KY. I know the years and the categories, but I've read some where that some states consider credit cards "written agreements" which would change the time table I'm thinking of. I just want to be double sure that these 2 states don't consider credit cards and charge cards "written agreements." I've looked, but can't find anything about my specific question. Any suggestions on where I might be able to find it?
  6. In addition to trying to get my guy at a bank to pull up a "full factual" for me... I'm going to try and call Providian about an extremely old debt in hopes that someone can send me a statement of account or something showing me when the last time I made a payment to them. Anything to show when the SOL started with them so I can have some proof. Does anyone know for sure which dept. I should hit first? Billing? Only reason why I'm asking...I've got a stuttering problem, which is a royal pain so, I'd like to speak to as few departments as necessary. Thanks.
  7. I guess we could first go to college and get a law degree and come back and ask more intelligent questions. :lol::lol:
  8. I know nothing about nothing yet...but perhaps someone more knowledgeable can further clarify: I've read, I think on here...that today no one really delete's when they are paid. I think the new thing is...getting it in writing that if you pay the debt that they will not verify the information with the credit bureau's. Since they won't verify the info, the credit bureau has no choice but to remove the entry when you dispute it. Again...I've read alot of things on a few websites, but it seems many opinions contradicts many others. No one sees the laws or statutes the same and it's enough to drive a new person crazy. I understand your frustrations. It's almost like every single thing has a catch 22 and your just basically screwed no matter what you do. Luckily I've got a good sense of humor about it and can see the comedy in it. I'm in the same boat. I'm more worried about my credit report than anything else. Hang in there.
  9. Yall's posts and comments make sense. So, in SP's post about the DV letter stopping communications until they send (I assume by the date it's postmarked and not actually in my hands) the validation of the debt required by law. It was timely, I sent it out (to both ca's) within 2 or 3 days of the letter (in one case) and the phone call (in the other.) Well...if everyone is in agreement on that fact...does the fact that I gave a "cease all telephone communications" statement in the same letter basically void everything out? meaning....since I asked for a DV and gave a request to stop calling me in the same letter... does that mean they can ignore the fact the DV letter is suppose to stop all communications since I apparently cannot tell them "written communications only"? Does that question make sense? Yes...one for sure is wayyyyyyy out of SOL and the other one is too, I believe...but I have no proof because I didn't keep the records. One is about 17 years old and the other is over 7. Which is why I asked about the "master credit report" or other suggestions for finding out about a real old debt in my other thread. Court is the very last thing I want to do, but I don't want them to know that. IF I was a ca I would assume that an average person would not be very likely to keep old bad debt information after so long of a time (17 years and probably 8 years) and I would probably call the consumer's bluff. Which is why I'm here trying to mount a strategy....any strategy. Mainly for my credit report. Honestly, I'd have no problem paying a $350 debt and a $300 debt (15% of the original amount), but I don't want the added hassle of fighting to get an illegally re-aged bad entry on my credit report once I admit to and pay them off. That is actually my only concern. I have no bad entries on my report and my scores are finally getting up there and I'm doing all I can to protect that. The money is irrelevant to me. I'm afraid if I admit to the debt, which everyone knows is past the SOL and subsequently pay both debts...then looking at it from a ca's point of view..."Why would a consumer pay a debt that is well past the SOL?" "Unless" he has no records or proof of it!" Then I'd be at their mercy if they decide to put them back on my credit reports. If I challenge the entries, I'd have no recourse but to accept them for a whole new 7 years because I have absolutely no way to fight back with proof.....unless I get cooperation from the oc's or get my hands on my master credit reports showing they were on there, but came off after 7 years. Doesn't paying a bad debt past the SOL restart the SOL? and if it does...then that means it can be put back on your credit report as a negative mark called "paid collection"...right? or No? Then I'm screwed. So, I'm trying to play the odds, which seems to be (based on remarks here) that they probably won't do anything. I'm trying to make them back off and stop without risking my credit reports and scores. One, from Capital Management, wrote me a letter. The standard one saying I have 30 days to dispute the debt or it's considered valid. The other has just called me and hasn't sent me anything yet. So...I had to respond to Capital's letter with a DV request or they'd win by default...even though it's past SOL, but I can't prove it.
  10. I don't understand something. Please help! Are the links at the top of the website, BS (which would also mean bad advice in real world situations)? If so, then why are very knowledgeable people even posting here? It's almost like...the owners are giving links that are in direct conflict with the advice of the gurus here. To me...that's like being a Muslim on a Christian website talking about Christianity from a Christian's point of view. Doesn't make sense. Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to be a smart a** and I sincerely hope no one takes it that way. But I would think the guru's would have a public outcry against the owners of the site to remove what (to them) is obviously useless and (more importantly) bad advice links. Ex. In the sample letters, "Request to a collection agency to validate a debt".....http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter9.shtml This would be, according to you, very useless, conflicting, worthless and even bad advice if I threaten to file suit against anything other than written communications. If so....where's the petition, outrage and protests? I'm not trying to be a "wisenhymer"....it just seem really comical to me. The website is promoting one thing and on the engine that keeps this site lively and running we have the gurus who seem to give advice contrary to the meaning behind the links. I guess I don't understand why knowledgeable people would post on and help perpetuate a website that has links to and promotes bogus, worthless and useless information to the very people it claims to try to help. Is the owner really in cahoots with the Collection Agencies? This, of course, is coming from a very "green" newbie. Am I missing something? Talk about conflicting. :lol::lol: BTO, save one of those beers for me you had last night. I'm going to need it. I'm definitely NOT shooting down anyone's advice or opinions. So don't think that. I apologize if it comes off that way. It's totally unintentional. I'm just making an observation....one that I think is a legitimate (and comical) observation to inquire about. So...please don't get bent out of shape about it.
  11. I'm not arguing or "challenging" anyone....I'm just trying to clarify.
  12. Telling someone to cease and desist all telephone communications with me and any future communications must be written communications is a conflicting request? I didn't say contact, I said communications. "contact" would be conflicting requests. So.....are you saying that everything I've read concerning how to stop telephone communications from a ca is a lie? Is this correct? I must specify contact and not communications? Yes?
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