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  1. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts you all expressed. Its lonely without him around I am always knew I would miss him but never could image how much. Anyhow the kind thoughts were very comforting. Gail P.S. Thanks especially Chester what you said was just wonderful.
  2. Just wanted to let you know that JJ passed away on March 31st after a short illness. I know he could really be sarcastic but for those who knew him all of them have called him a angel because he was. I know some of you aren't probably thinking him a angel but he was a truly good person who loved this forum and wanted to help people not make the mistakes we had made with our finances. Anyhow just wanted to let you know why he was no longer on here and to let you also know how much he enjoyed being on here. Take care. Enjoy life. I miss you JJ your wife Gail
  3. If your not a debt collector,your assuming they are honorable people which a few might be,haven't meet one yet.However its not libel to think and yes debt collectors have been on here,even though they prefer facebook.
  4. Ip address are not safe from search software.And quit name calling, other then being called a debt collector,nobody has call you any names.Even if your using a proxey server you can be traced through all the layers.
  5. He understands the pros's and con's,so if he files one,he can learn from that.As we have no understanding of his studying,its hard to know his knowledge of the court system.However small claims is not a good venue for consumer's.
  6. I would think that the maintenance are the ones that maintain the records they have no information about.Sounds like good maintenance to me.They just come up with different statements to confuse you.Either that or they really do chance light bulbs,and polish desks you would get the truth from them:twisted:
  7. Have her call 911.their trespassing anytime after 7:00 pm.Once you trespass them they can be arrested any time they come on her property.You know Arizona has a lot of desert that a collector could go missing in,:twisted:
  8. Excellent story,now advertise for colon cleansing set a price at $60 which is a very cheap price.You can furnish tanning lotion and set up a recovery tent,serve orange juice!You should get a lot of customers at least once.God I'm excited about the new business.
  9. Why in gods name are you even talking to people who are showing complete disrespect of the court and it's ruling,Send a copy of Transunion statement to the court who ruled as vacated.That Transunion is in contempt of court.Also get a copy of a court summons and send it to them at their office and tell them in less this is corrected the next one will be filled out.Their damaging your credit,and causing you great distress.
  10. If you whistle in the dark,then hide your head in the sand.Your going to get one major fanny smack.His quote is they can't prove anything.Ask the people with Swiss accounts that the FBI as i write is combing through.I sometimes think education clouds your senses.Your friends name isn't Bernie M is it.
  11. jjgross

    ndci ?

    No and that's why i think its a scam.I googled the name and it has a link to a pay pal account.I was wondering if anyone else has had this done to them?I have an address that I'm going to check in Mesa AZ.I have a friend in Phoenix who will go by there.If its valid I'm going to send them an its letter.Maybe i can scam the scammer.Anyway thanks for the advice.Its not a summons,its a collection letter.Maybe the lads in Nigeria have a new scam going.
  12. jjgross

    ndci ?

    He's the one that had me send a letter to the oc,said i could save $500.He really is semi-retired and has little time with the Bk's he's handling.Well actually he sucks,sorry if i offend anyone.Hey this is Idaho!The only thing we have is the federal judge who is pro consumer,so i can wait until i move to ca or try to find another attorney.
  13. jjgross

    ndci ?

    I just got an email from ndci for a collection no creditor name,i think its a scam however should i dv them.I have no accounts that haven't been discharged in my bk in 2007.The only bill i can think of is a bill that was discharged in bk,for $79.Which is the amount this bill is for.The company i have i sent a letter that it was discharged and a notice from the court.After i sent it they still send me a bill.Do i heard law suit?Thanks for any advice i can get on this.
  14. Party time with the windfall you got.
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