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  1. After running my credit report I found a collection I did not know of so I sent a request for DV CMRR. That was 4 months ago. I know they do not need to respond back to me being it was after the 30 day DV period but should they be reporting this as a disputed debt to the CRA?
  2. Ok I contacted Cap1 on this and they said they could provide no information because it was turned over to the CA. The CA told me they don't have to report the payments to the CRA until the balance due is paid in full. Wouldn't this be considered reporting faudulant information on my CR?
  3. lemers718

    SOL in NJ

    Can someone tell me what the SOL for CC debt is in New Jersey. I keep getting conflicting information. 3 years-4 years-6 years.
  4. The Balance on my CRA keeps going up. Is it the OC or the CA that reports? If the CA is not sending the money to the OC what recourse do I have?
  5. I am paying the CA and its showing under the balance due. Shouldn't the interest be calculated on the paid down value. I am confussed of how they could report increases but not the payments.
  6. I have an agreement to make partial payments to a CA and have made 3 monthy payments of $100.00/ea. They are not reporting this to the CRA but are reporting a higher amount due to adding on the instrest and are basing that instrest on the original debt. Can they do this?
  7. Is a Collection Agency that pulls a hard copy of a credit report but has not responded to my DV letter in violation of the FCRA? I send them a DV letter over 2 months ago along with a request to verify authorization to pull my report. They have not reponded to either.
  8. lemers718

    1099c Form

    I spoke with their customer service on 9/23 and they told me they would mail it out on 9/30. I never received it so I called again last night and I get their CS dept. in India. They gave me the run around and did not even know what I was talking about. Then I called their Tax dept. they tranferred me back over to CS so I hung up after sitting on hold for 20 minutes. I called back again and got a CS rep that told me I had to contact their attorney to secure this information. I am at my wits end trying to get a form they are suppose to supply to me.
  9. lemers718

    1099c Form

    My house was forclosed on in Dec 2007. I received a 1099a form from the mortgage company. Shouldn't I receive a 1099-c form them so I can file it on my Taxes Under the Mortgage debt fogiveness Act?
  10. I have been pulling from this site for several days and my score dropped 30 points today with no new activity. Any ideas on why this is?
  11. Thank you for the advise I called the Courthouse today and they told me that there was a Stipulation to dismiss filed by the Attorney. What exactly does this mean?
  12. Looks like they are not even bonded in NJ to collect on debts. http://caipnj.blogspot.com/2008/05/caipnj-breaking-news-unbonded-nj-debt.html
  13. I received a summon that I was being sued back in Dec. 07. It said I had 35 Days to respond but I never received a notice to appear nor did I receive and notice that a judgement had been entered. I do want to settle this afterall it is the last of my credit issues to resolve. All my other creditors were willing to work with me within my budget but these people turned down every payment offer I could make.
  14. Why does this still show up on my CR as a collection account not a Judgement?