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  1. Yesterday our lowest gas prices were $1.87. WOW!!!! Happy Day.
  2. Okay, I've been wondering about this for a bit now. According to Calif. law, a phone call cannot be recorded unless ALL PARTIES involved agree to the conversation being recorded. So if I want to record the conversation and the CA does not agree, I cannot record the call. Now, most CA's will state when they call you that..."This call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes" (or something along those lines). My question is, Can I refuse to agree to the conversation being recorded by a CA? And If I do refuse to have the call recorded, can the CA still record the phone conversation and be able to use this in court? After all, I think that this law would work both ways, right? Just a little something I've been wondering about.
  3. For me ERC is collecting for Wells Fargo. They kept calling me and refused to give me their address or send out any statements. They kept telling me that they already sent 3 letters, then the next phone call they told me they sent out 2 letters and if they sent out any more letters (even at my request) that would be harassment. They also told me by law they did not have to send out any written information. Anyway...I finally found their address from the internet and sent them a DV and C&D letter. Haven't heard anything from them since.
  4. I recently disputed 4 items on my credit report and DV'd the Collection Agency's as well. 1 item was deleted, 1 was changed and the other two were supposedly verified. Now since I still haven't received DV from any of the CA's (it's been almost 2 months now), I sent a Method of Validation letter to the CRA. This letter contained the report #, my name, address, what items I wanted Method of Verification for and their account #'s. I just received a letter back from Experian telling me... "We were unable to honor your recent request because you did not provide sufficient identification information for us to verify your identity." They are asking that I send My full name, Address, SS#, Date of Birth, a Copy of my ID/license AND a copy of a utility bill, bank or insurance statement, etc. Are they allowed to ask for this information when sending out Method of Verification? I thought the report # with my name and address would be sufficient.
  5. I believe they can since they haven't received your DV letter yet. They are not supposed to report it once they receive your letter though. (at least until validation is sent) I also agree with Nascar that you need to dispute with the CRA as well. Good luck.
  6. Try the website CallFerrit.com or just enter the # into the google search. That should help you find out who's calling.
  7. Do you think they would refuse the DV letter if they knew it was coming?
  8. I have several e-mail address's - and that is why I use an e-mail address that I hardly ever check. I'm not that dizzy.
  9. Would it be wise to E-mail a CA about a DV letter that has been sent which they haven't recieved yet? I always wonder if letting the CA know in advance is helpful or hurtful. After all, if they know in advance that it's coming they could always not sign for and accept it - right? But I also think that maybe letting them know in advance might also be helpful. Basically my situation is the following: The CA called me and asked me to E-mail them a note requesting a settlement letter. I had previously e-mailed them this: - "Over the past couple of days I have recieved phone calls from "Lou" regarding an alleged account that I have with your company. During our first phone conversation on 10/29/08, Lou informed me that a letter from your company was sent out on 10/28/08. It has now been seven days, but I still have not recieved any such letter or documentation regarding this alleged account. Could you please E-mail me this information? Thank you." - I did not send the second e-mail requesting a settlement letter as they requested me to do. But today I recieved an e-mail that states - "As per your request here is your settlement letter" - I would like to e-mail them and let them know that I never requested this settlement letter and that I have sent them a DV letter via certified mail, which they should be recieving soon. I would also like to copy and paste the copy of the letter into the e-mail, but I worry that this might be a bit unwise and make it worse for me in the end. Any comments are appreciated. ***I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have answered my posts so far. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a bit annoying with all the questions that I have. Thanks to all.***
  10. Thank you so much for the quick response and advice. Truly appreciated!
  11. I just got off the phone with a CA who is asking that I send E-mail them a request for them to send out a Settlement letter by E-mail. They want this letter sent within the next couple of minutes. I already sent a DV letter but they have not recieved it yet. Should I send them this e-mail requesting a settlement letter or would that just hurt me if it ended up in court?
  12. I know the rules for figuring out the SOL, but what if I made a payment and the check bounced? Would you figure the SOL starting date from the bounced check (after all it was an attempt at a payment), or from the previous payment that went through?
  13. I have a couple of questions, but my main question is: "Can a JDB report a debt to the CRA's if the SOL is expired?" RJM Acq. purchased a debt after the SOL Expired but they reported it to the CRA's and are still reporting it. Can they do this? Also, the debt is scheduled to be removed in 5 months and they have not given sufficent DV, such as proof of purchase. Is it worth it to fight to remove or should I just wait it out?
  14. What's the difference between Superior Court and Small Claims Court? In Calif. CA's are only allowed to sue you in Superior Court and not Small Claims Court, but I have no idea what the difference between these two are.
  15. Okay, so if any of you have been following my posts, you will know that I have a CA Collecting for a JDB. (one that has not been validated yet). They told me over the phone that the amt. owed was $1,557... but the statement says it's $1,881. When I last talked with them they told me the extra amount was Interest Charges. That's over $300 in interest. So I decided to do an information search online to find out Calif. law regarding interest, This is what I found... ... - "A collection agency can add interest to your bill, however, the terms and rates depend on the circumstances of your particular account. The collection of any amount (including any interest, fee, charge, or expense incidental to the principal obligation) must be expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt or as permitted by law... You are also entitled to an explanation from the collection agency as to how much they are charging you and why. You should ask them by letter to explain to you in writing." - ... Does this mean that they can only collect interest charges if the contract from the OC states that they can? Or does this mean that they are allowed to collect interest?