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  1. I am sorry to hear that somebody else has to deal with these people. Please don't believe anything they tell you as they are really rude and outright liars.
  2. This case has been on hold for a while as husband retired and didn't have funds for filing fee. We now have funds and attny will be going forward. Attny has said this is a beautiful case. Will update when we get somewhere and yes, we are more determined to go through with this since others are being harrased in same manner.
  3. I had a repo balance verified through cras. Since I have done that, the original creditor has changed the balance from 0 to amount they say I still owe. It is a charged off/written off account at this point and states so on the reports. Should this be showing a balance on credit report or should it be 0 dollar amount? I was going to dispute this next as they changed the amount.
  4. Hi, I have disputed items on my credit reports and have had a few deleted but my question is how to follow up on medical collections that are verified? Some cra have deleted these but there are other ones who verified them. Do I send a DV to collection agency or is there another form for this? These are all out of SOL but figure if one agency can remove them, there should be a way for me to try and get other collections removed from other reports.
  5. Gee, I can see this is going to be fun. B&A called dh at work and left message on phone and we are in dv with them. Someone said they like to rack them up and so far they are.
  6. Thanks for advice. This board has been so helpful and I use all the advice given here. I know what I am dealing with and actually hope they send more violations my way.
  7. I believe they said Simm Associates which is not the law firm Simms. Tricky name on their part. I also filed complaint with BBB, AG, and FTC. I even went so far to write Toyota so they would not condone this behaviour. They closed their collection against us but I still have lawsuit in works.
  8. I would find a good NACA Lawyer. My attny is working on a lawsuit against Simm Associates as I type this. Let their calls go to voicemail and you can rack up against them. They will continue to try and pull from your account. My dh made a payment with debit card and I went and cancelled card. Then they left all kinds of voicemail about bad checks, etc. They are scum and violate all kinds of things. If you check my posts, you can see some of the stuff they said and did to dh. Good luck.
  9. B&A only has Origintator and Originator account #, along with a reference #, Princp due, interest due. In body of letter the word client is used but no mention of who is their client. This is the same account # that LVNV claims to own. Have not been able to find a letter for transfer from HSBC to LVNV and yes, LVNV has an open trade line open on credit report (at least one). It looks like two have deleted due to my disputes but still remains on one CRA. I am still waiting on paper replys from CRAs. I also think it is very misleading and that they meant to do that. Oh yes, I hold onto all letters and will continue to do so until the time comes as I may need them.
  10. Well, dh got his first dunning letter so out goes the dv letter. They don't even mention LVNV but the account number is the same number as LVNV was using. They only have an original creditor listed.
  11. Thanks. I think attny said ready to file by Feburary
  12. No, there is other stuff on credit report. Guess I will just wait until I hear something back about dispute.
  13. I am still wondering if this is normal when disputing with the cra?? Anybody know?
  14. No update yet. Attny still working on case.
  15. Thanks for the info. I will just let them go and build up the violations. I know have a NACA lawyer. She is already working on another case.
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