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  1. Sorry, this was a contract loan. I had opened the account in 2002 and it was first delinquent in 04/2005.
  2. It has been just over 4 years since the account when delinquent.
  3. MCM tried to file a judgement against me a few months back. After going through a long tedious process, they filed a voluntary dismissal before it got in front of a judge. (primarily because this is outside of SOL). Is there an easy way to get this of my report now? I have sent in a couple different verifications, but they always come back as "Updated" or "Validated".
  4. My ex-wife now lives with me and she has been having a CA call the house for a cell phone account she had about 6 yrs ago. At first, the agent would not give me any information. I told him that if anybody was going to pay her bill that it would be me (still not giving name or relationship). At that point, he gave me all of the account information and offered to send me an email with more information. I said he would not be receiving any form of payment without proof that she owed the debt. Am I wrong, or is this actually a violation by the CA? If so, what action should we take against them?
  5. MCM has filed a judgement on me back in Jan. I hired an atty to file the answer and also a discovery request (?). (sorry I am still a bit new at all of this). They responded with a request for additional time which will now expire at the end of the month. Do they normally do this when they do not have anything supporting their case? Also, this account takes up approximately 12k of the 15k of debt that is listed on my cr. Does anyone think that may push up my score enough to get over the 620 mark (currently at 591 TU, 598 EX, 613 EQ)?
  6. Has anyone tried the tactic of sending a letter to a CA or JDB with a check for settlement amount and including a disclaimer within the letter stating that "although CA has not validated any of the alleged debt, by cashing enclosed check #xxxxx, CA agrees to terms offered in letter including settlement amount as Paid in Full and removal of entry from credit report." If so, has it worked? If not, do you think it would work? Would this hold up in court if they didn't agree to all terms in the letter and still cashed check? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks. The only reason I ask is that it appeared that the lines were also deleted from TU even though I did not dispute with TU. I have not been able to check with EQ yet though so I was not sure if they would still be there or not.
  8. Just a real quick question. I disputed a few accounts with Experian. Experian dispute results said that the item was deleted from my report. Do I still need to dispute these with the other CRA's as well?
  9. Thanks for all the info. I will keep all this in mind when I speak with them today. After searching on this company I am seeing others that are being plagued with the same situation, whether past or present. How effective is just sending in PFD agreements (or the like) to the CA's? Is it more likely to just be ignored, or that I might get a statement back from them stating they are refusing to sign it, or (and I know this is probably a slim-to-none chance) they just sign it and send back.
  10. I have recently contacted a CA to try and settle with pay for delete agreement. The CA is refusing to sign any agreement that I can send them as "that is against their company policy" and do not have anything similar that they can send me guaranteeing the removal of the item from my report. The only "guarantee" I could get from them is, "You will just have to take my word for it". They have also stated that over word of mouth notice that due to me asking for the pay for delete offer that I now only have a few days to pay on the account or the offer will no longer be valid. I am not sure what the next course of action should be. Any recommendations. This one CA has three medical accounts together that are all being reported seperately to CRA.
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