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  1. Hi there, I want to start where I left off. I had previously had some success then a bunch of stuff happened in my life and I stopped trying to repair my credit. I am back after 4 years and I am reading and learning the steps all over again. I was wondering though is there anything I should be aware of since I started, but never finished with some accounts? I faintly remember someone saying years ago to be careful if you already disputed an item, you can dispute it again? Is this correct? If I did do a dispute 4 years ago as "not mine" it came back verified and I didn't do anything else, what is the next step I should take? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Thanks so much guys! I'm going to check into the links and see what happens I will let you all know!
  3. Where do I find the information about whether a non-license CA can report or not? Hey Willingtocope, Sunset said to try to get in touch with you. She said you may be able to help me. She said you know soooooo much!
  4. The laws here read that collection agencies must have a license and bond. It also states that an out of state collection agency would be exempt if they collect via mail, fax, or phone AND if the debt occured out of state. The debts were in state. I think the key word is "AND." I also have one that is in state that has a total of 17 TL's between the 3 CRA's. I also have Portfolio without a license here.
  5. If you have a collection agency without a license: 1. they have no license 2. they have reported and verified info on your CRA reports 3. have sent a collection/verification letter or... 4. they have not sent any collection letters Can you sue them for no license even if they have not sent collection letters but the above is true?
  6. I have been reported by 5 different CA's that are not licensed in my state. I disputed the TL's and most have been verified and one CA sent me a letter to say they were notified that I disputed the TL and they were sending the letter as verification of the account. I have printed the information showing they are not licensed. What do I do now? Between the 3 CRA reports one CA has 17 TL's. (3 on TU, 9 on EX, and 5 on EQ) Please help me!!Thanks so much
  7. Can any one help with this? See original question thanks so much
  8. Yes, I diputed with the CRA's and have got one report back...TU on the 17th. The I got this letter from Portfolio Recovery. It was dated the 14th. I have not heard back from the other two CRA's. I checked the SOL and it has not run out yet.
  9. I diputed a CRA TL by Porfolio and now I rec. a letter saying ..."verification information is being provided... It says the interest will continue to accrue..I was going to do my 1-2 punch what do I do now that I got this letter? Also when they verified the dispute they said amount was for XXX and now on here they show the principle plus the interest..what should I do about this?
  10. I got my dispute back and one of the TL'S came back as not verified or new information it says "No Longer On File." What does that mean and what do I do next?
  11. Thanks you guys. And no, I didn't just pay this. It has been paid for about a year and a half or two years. More like two years. So what do I do...I already disputed through the CRA, but it was verified so do I go ahead and do the 1-2 punch?
  12. I got 6 deletes and it was HSBC Tax
  13. I got my TU dispute back, but one charge off verified. It is paid in full what do I do now?
  14. A TL I opened in 2006 is showing as the oldest TL I have. BUT I have TL's from 1995 that are still on the report, closed, but in good standing. Why are they not showing as oldest TL? Is it because they are closed. Should I just have them taken off my credit report?
  15. No problem Todd...you didn't have to even say thank you. I only wished I could have been able to answer your questions and help you out more. How are things going with this situation?
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