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  1. FWIW, I am in the early stages of this. With my first round of disputes to the CRAs, I got 5 to 6 TLs removed from my and my husbands reports. Just like that, no fight, no nothin'. I'm now DVing most of the rest, with a couple of GW letters thrown in. We'll see how that works out............
  2. ugh. I'm so sorry. That is completely unfair and talk about adding insult to injury.
  3. thanks for the update, Kniff. I actually am also in Cali and we've just discovered a judgement on my husbands CR. We were never notified, and from everything I've ever had experience in, at least in Cali, if they don't serve you then you can vacate. I'm not sure why some people here are saying that's not a defense???? If anyone else wants to comment, I'd like to tag onto Kniff's post...........we're in a similar situation, except we were simply never served. AND the person who filed suit doesn't even own the debt anymore.
  4. oooo can you give me more info on the non-disclosure? I know a lot of people on this board say to basically play the bankruptcy card, but if the TL is out of SOL, I am trying to figure out why it would be bad to say "hey, I'm not paying unless you delete"
  5. I admittedly am not very "deep" in the process. I've done a round of disputes with EQ and got several TLs removed from our reports. I'm in the middle of disputes with the other two as well as sending out DV letters to some of the real baddies. My score is 574 and my husbands is 587. We are gearing up to buy a home hopefully this year, so the goal is to get to 620 asap. Don't know if that will happen but we'll see.......... I spoke with a lender today and he gave me some info that is contrary to what I've learned here and I wanted to get some input.... 1) He said to pay first and negotiate for a delete later. He said that if they don't delete, that you then can challenge with the CRAs and it will most likely get removed because the CA/JDBs have no interest in maintaining the TL. ?? 2) He also advised against disputing because he said if you owe money, there isn't anything stopping them from putting the TL BACK if it gets deleted. ???? 3) He also said (and I'm pretty sure he's wrong) that there is nothing stopping a CA/JDB from re-reporting and "starting the clock over". He said that is the case with several of my lines, they've been re-reported every year or so to "start the clock over".??? thoughts?
  6. I'd also like to ask.......... I know that around these boards, people have suggested hinting at bankruptcy when negotiating a PFD..........but has anyone just flat out said "Hey, I'm just gonna sit on this until it falls of my report so if you want my money you'd better work with me?".
  7. bump because I'm looking for anyone who's actually DONE a PFD and what the success was. Sample letters are appreciated!
  8. It's funny, that's actually exactly what it seems like. So backwards!
  9. false, I only shave my legs and underarms TNP has eaten cat food
  10. is the debt I carry on a student loan weighted differently in my score than other debt? my loans are currently in deferment so I am not paying on them, so they basically show 100% of the limit in use.
  11. This is mostly just curiosity....... I've seen people on this forum complain about one CRA or another. Whats the difference? Does one make it harder to dispute? Less consumer friendly? What about the info....for me, my EX and EQ reports were pretty baren, it wasn't until I pulled my TU report that I saw all sorts of things. My First two have 9 or 10 bad TLs, my TU report has 20! Why is that? Do certain businesses just report to one CRA? Or do certain CRAs report more things than others? Any insight is appreciated.
  12. Thanks guys. I disputed my EQ stuff with a letter and and got 6 deletions. I'm doing my first round of disputes with EX and TU online, I'll update with how those turn out.
  13. I finally got ALL our reports and my husband has a line in the "public records" portion. It looks like it's a judgement. It just says "Type: civil judgement Court Typer: Recorder of Deeds " and then the date and the plantiff, CACV of Colorado LLC" This is not listed on his other two reports, it's just on his TU report. Based on the date, it's possibly a Sears or Best Buy card he had, but the amount doesn't really fit with either. Also, both of those were sold to LVNV Funding. He was never served that we know of to show up in court. And, when we look up our counties court records, which allow you to look up all the civil judgements, there is no record of it. Of course, we'll call the county to double check but........ Just wondering.......has anyone ever had a false or fake judgement on their report? If it's accurate and they did get a ruling in their favor, can they still sell the debt?
  14. I've seen all over here "don't do disputes online" and I'm just wondering why?
  15. One would argue that if the debt was legit, no one would need to sleaze it up. A credit report seems kind of useless if half of it is basically a fairy tale anyways. And, I know that, in theory, there is a 1000 per instance, but if no one enforces that..........it's kind of pointless.
  16. No, but it isn't completely moronic to think that if they put regulations in place and the CAs are so flagrant in their disrespect for those laws that there would be consequences for them i.e. "you need to make sure your records are accurate if you want them to be permissable on a CR". Obviously, that's not the case, but I'm not being some whiney punk here.........in the case of regulations that purport to protect the consumer, there is often consequences for the business. I've been reading here, there are OFTEN more egregious crappy things the CAs do not just calling at 6:01 or whatever.........like falsifying debts all together. Things that are ACTUALLY serious. Whats the point of the FCRA if there is really no enforcement and no consequences when the CAs violate it? It's not idiotic to ask that. I figured it was wishful thinking..........it still, actually, doesn't make a lot of practical sense. It kind of does make sense to say "Hey, in the interest of fairness and being accurate, you have to make a good faith effort to keep all TLs accurate"
  17. Why can't a TL just be removed if you can show that the CA or JDB is violating FCRA rules with the listing? We all see plenty of scummy JDB who do all sorts of shady things, many of which are obvious...........can you/has anyone had luck just writing the CRA saying "Hey, this TL violates the rules, remove it" or is that just stupid wishful thinking???
  18. A couple of questions If they are flagrantly violating the regulations, can't you just write to the CRA and say "Hey, LVNV is reporting in violation of the law, so remove it"??? My LVNV story is just starting I guess.......... My husband has a Sears card and a Best Buy card that are both written off by the OCs. LVNV lists them with the same account number as the OC has, inflated amounts due, and with different dates, I assume these have been re-aged to extend. They are both out of the SOL for my state. Why can't I just have them removed based on the fact that there are violations (re-aging, same account number, etc etc)? I DVd them recently so we'll see where that goes.
  19. For *my* credit report, everything is from a looooooooooooooong time ago. MOST all of my baddies were bad before I got married, which was 6 years ago, and I've had such bad credit since I got married I haven't gotten any new dings. So that's why I ask.......most of mine are old crappy credit cards I defaulted on when I was young and stupid. So I have no record of when I last paid, all this stuff has been in collections for so long. I got 4 or 5 TLs removed right off the bat when I disputed with the CRAs and I suspect that a few more of mine are technically past the limit of reporting but have been re aged.
  20. it seems like people have a lot of different addresses for those guys.........
  21. ok now this may be another stupid question...........how do I know when my last payment was? do I have to query the OC or the CA/JDB?
  22. Target is really hard core. My husband had a joint account with his first wife, which went into collections when they split up, she eventually paid it off. They won't let him have one and when I apply I get a note that says I'm associated with another account, when I called to ask, they mean my husband. I didn't even apply with him, but somehow they linked me to him and, thus, someone they blacklisted!
  23. oh! and one more thing about SOL and the 7 year thing.......... with the 7 year thing, when does that clock start? from the date of first reporting or the date of last reporting?
  24. I disputed all my TLs in December/January. Now, the one owned by LVNV shows "reported since 1/2009". Even though it had been previously reported, but now it looks like it will be on my CR longer. Can I dispute that?
  25. My husband and I both have 1 or 2 TLs that are just generic ol' unpaid bills that went into collections and they have notes that say "this account is scheduled to go into positive status in XXXX XXXX" what does that mean, exactly? how can a collection item be positive?
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