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  1. You may be right on this - I looked at some of my older CRs and they do not have these type of comments and I know I disputed items all the time. It seems like this adding these comments by the CRAs is not only a recent thing but seems to me a way of "sticking it to you."
  2. Of course it is...but, ask anyone applying for a mortgage the last few year what happens when underwriting pulls your credit report and there are trade-lines indicating you disputed the account.
  3. Hi All I recently received my Experian CR after asking them to take off my Fraud Alert Statement. I was looking it over and noticed in a lot of my trade-lines under Status and Comment, Experian would call attention to to the fact that I had a dispute with the creditor at one time. Like all good consumers, in the past if there was inaccurate information I disputed. They even indicated this for closed accounts and one for a 2005 dispute?? Mind you, all accounts are in positive status but I am wondering if these "comments" hurt me. Thanks!
  4. We got a good deal to refi from our bank - In spite of two Fed tax liens on our reports. Fortunatly the wife and I have good incomes, a long term relationship with the local bank, and the house appreciated greatly over the years. The # 1 reason we are refinancing is to pay the IRS (17K over several years) off and get off the IRS Payment Plan. So, the million dollar question - Befoe the close, Will the IRS consider deleting the tradelines after they get paid? Should I be bold and hand them a Pay to Delete letter? We are dealing with a Tax Payer Advocate out of the CT office. Any advice would b
  5. We had two Fed liens placed and they now show on all three CRAs even though we are on a payment plan. I could use some advice on this Catch-22. We need to refinance the house to pay the IRS off. Yet, how can we get the refinancing with the tax liens on?
  6. I am in the midst of repairing my credit so I can refi the house. I was reviewing old credit reports I kept from 2006 and 2007 with my current reports. On a Transunion 2006 report I have an AMEX "Settled for less Full Amount" negative tradeline indicating it will drop off in March, 2007. The tradeline dropped off Transunion and Equifax but still shows on Experian with a drop off date of 2011. Can I just photo copy and send to Experian to request deletion? Or, is there a certain procedure I have to follow? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. Hi - looking for direction here. I have read all the great information on this site I received my results from all 3 CRAs. All three had a "Paid,Closed/Collection" account with the US Dept of Ed. There was an "offset" (deducted from my tax return) for $1200 back in 05. I called them (US Dept of Ed) and they did not have a record of the original creditor - they said they received it for collection in 03 and verified the status electronically with the CRAs. They said the loan originated back in 1978!!! What is my next move? I am unclear.