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  1. To me it means credit that is separate from any human being. Your creditors need to report it to the agencies, but there are business that get the corporation credit by making sure all your purchases and business transactions are reported. This in return leads to building corporate credit separate from yourself and removing all liability.
  2. Thanks for helping Here is an update; I did not recieve any more information or letters from them yet But i called back the number agian and found out that it is NCO finacial I also have a voicemail stating that the collecters name is patrick siddel and that he has been retained to arbitrate a pending fileing and to call back at 1800-379-7580 but i called back the number he Placed the call from 800-4489570 and it was NCO and yesterday they called about 5 times within a half hour What should i do? im sick of these people
  3. sorry i forgot to mention i live in nevada and cant record coversation
  4. A collection attorny contacted me by phone and said he is going to file suit and go after my assets, this is the first communication between us and ive never recieved anything in writing. he told me he is going to file suit against me once the call terminated and that he would pursue my assets and hung up. What can i do please help