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  1. It's nice to hear all you guys' stories. I myself have come around, from the depressing poor credit abyss. I read night after night, until I organized a plan. It took me 13 months to go from a 503 to over a 680. At that point, I was able to get my mortgage, buy a new car.......financial independence IMO. Not totally debt-free, but being able to get what you want if you want. I understand other people are debt-free, and that is my goal for someday.....but it isnt right now. I have a few "beginner" credit cards still that I need to fire, but I need to replace them with better, 0 fee and low APR cards..... Just wanted to also tell people that it is very possible to achieve your financial goals, just make a plan and stick to it. Write those letters! Good luck to all.
  2. I'm still waiting on the suit against Wells Fargo, here in California, those suckers hit me back for A FEW GRAND, when I was sinking financially........all from debit card use.
  3. yea, those "pre-selected offers" are a joke. All it is is some company buying your name and address, and then they mail you info/letters like that. Only very few people I know get REAL offers from credit cards in the mail....... that being said, about the only way to get rid of those is to "opt-out". Someone here may have the 800 number for that, or you can Google it.
  4. none of my current creditors have me down as "Antonio". I dont have inquiries with that name. But this name has followed me through two address changes, and the name appears in the credit report section under "names".
  5. The CA is not on my reports, but I have rec'd mail from them for ANTONIO.
  6. Hello everyone. Long time member, haven't been around in a while. I've been busy with the new house and new car! I owe it all to the knowledge I gained on these very forums. I have a little issue though. EX will not remove a name of "Antonio" which is similar to my name "Andres". Apparently, a person named ANTONIO owes Fingerhut some money and that keep coming after me. I am sick and tired of it. I received something at my new home address for this ANTONIO. I have wrote, called, etc., and they will not remove. I think I need to send an ITS letter. Can anyone help me out?
  7. Didn't work for me. The judgment is satisfied, but they will not delete.
  8. That's how I've handled medical bills. I've paid the hospital directly, and they've called off the hounds.
  9. LOL, thats how I feel about them. I just got denied recently b/c of a lexis/nexis report
  10. The day they report actually may vary. It is easier to predict when you have seen them update from month-to-month. So it would be hard to say on your 1st month.
  11. I never really update my personal info. Especially the employment stuff--I think it would give potential creditors ammo to hunt you down if you ever went south with your credit.
  12. congrats, I'm 6 pts and $5000 short.....................but I need to get there before April 30th!
  13. I have done that in the past and received no answer. When I finally called them, they stated "sir, we do not delete......we own our debts........". I sent several PFD offers, they never replied. I was going to let this rot, but I'd like to have this removed.
  14. conventional mortgage. I am working on paying my utilization down, too. But I think I will probably have to pay the item.
  15. the debt is past SOL. It was a cell phone with Sprint that went to this collection agency. So I know the SOL on this debt is past. I will probably not pay them sh!t. But yeah, I have plans to try and get a mortgage in the next 4 months, I think I will have to pay this.
  16. yeah, i am aware. The only thing I can think of is sneaking in a deletion clause before I send them payment........
  17. Should I pay my collection or let it rot? It is indicated to stay on my credit until 2013. I have tried to settle for a PFD, but they are not willing to do so. They settled on the amount ($500 for a debt of $660), but they will not delete. I told them I'd send them payment soon. I need to have this removed. It is hurting my scores. I know it is past SOL, and I said to myself I wasn't going to pay it. I even told them to put it in writing, that they are not to sell the balance. But it is hurting my low scores, and I wonder if having it changed to "paid collection" will improve them. I have 30 days to take their "offer". What do y'all think?
  18. Well, the title may not be clear. I have been reported as 120 days past due by Americredit, when it hasn't been 120 days. I have check records to prove that. When I paid the last payment in July, I was told I had 120 days to pay off the remaining balance on the account, about $2000. I had to skip some payments during the life of the loan, deferrals, etc. so I had a leftover balance. However, the last check cleared before the 120 days were up. The guys charged my account as being 120 days late. What should I do? Should I dispute that with the CRA's? OC? Or wait and do a 623 investigation when they verify?
  19. I had the same problem. 8 negative sallie mae tradelines. I defaulted on my loans, and the only way I fixed this was by rehab on my loans. Now I have the consolidated TL, and the other TL's are slowly falling off.
  20. if it's PIF, then the SOL stop being important at that point...........
  21. hmmm, I've thought of the impact a personal statement could make for me. But I'm not sure it would make a difference.
  22. yep! why would they advertise on TV, when they have to pay? Because they will get many people to go on there and pay up. In other words, their scam will still leave them money to make, after their expensive commercials. Just give them an extra 15 days, it won't hurt you.
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