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  1. I am about to send a validation letter to a CA. Can I type it up and sign my signature at the bottom with a pen or does it all have to be hand written. I have bad writting so I just wanna make sure they dont get anything confused lol.
  2. I got a call from a odd number. I picked up the phone and they asked who I was and said my name. I then said "go ahead" since I dont know who I was talking to. They then asked if I still reside at the address they gave me over the phone. I then said that I will not talk to you or give you any personal information unless you tell me who you are and why you are calling me. They said they are with the law firm of such and such. I then said ok cool now why are you calling me. They then said I wont talk to you unless you verifiy your information. I then said I have nothing to veirify you ca