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  1. They are on a roll I have had clear credit for a year now and they pop a collection for an HSBC account that I did not open that I have had to delete of my CR several times now LVNV has reaged it I just typed up my DV letter. This is why I am in here to day looking for help on this. It just posted to my experian yesterday. Not the other 2 yet. Mine is From LVNV only not sentury.
  2. I keep getting collection call for something NOT yet on my credit it is a debt I do not feel is mine what do I need to do to be sure it does not get posted on my credit report? Do I DV or ????? We are in the middle of a mortgage approval and they will not pull final credit till monday what if these people throw this on my report before then?? PLEASE HELP!!
  3. The OC is where the 6 pages came from not the collection agency even though I DV'd the CA. But I can't get the collection agency on any of the normal things because it was OC that sent the "validation"
  4. Our first house too we learned alot during the last 2 years now we had a 3rd baby and need to build a bigger house and wells fargo is making us wait till it shows a year since our last late. We are staying with them for the simple fact they know our situation and are not holding it against us where as any other mortgage co would see late mort payments and run away. Sorry about the bad news good luck. Oh and the more you can pay the better once you get one whole payment caught up it should show 30 days less late,
  5. I sent dv letters to all of my 3 collections. So far one of the companies sent back 6 pages of a computer print out of my bill. Thats it no signature or anything please tell me what my next move should be....
  6. I did something similar with wells fargo and as long as I was on the "payment plan" it did the same thing to my credit. I have an 80/20 split and on the 20 % I just paid it off with a lump sum at tax refund time. The other we refinanced the past due part onto the end of our loan "loan restructure" it was only then did they put us as paying as agreed. We actually got behind june and july of 2007 but it shows our last delinquent in march of 08 because of that payment plan. Technically I think yes they can because technically you are behind. Im sorry it sux! we are wanting to build another house and even though we got caught up a year and a half ago they didnt see it that way.
  7. We have 2 medical bills on our credit. probably owe them they are from last year. Well when I found these on our credit I imediately called OC and said hey I am totally happy to pay these will you delete them since I was not notified I owed this debt by you or the collection agency? NO WE CAN"T do that . I said uh yes you CAN you are CHOOSING not to. Well thats our policy. I may have recieved notice I dont remember but nothing they have proves I got it just like nothing proves they sent it!!! So I filed a complaint with the BBB stating that by law they CAN but wont and I want to pay but since I did not recieve proper documentation this was being placed in my credit file I want it deleted! Has anyone gotten anywhere with anything similar?? What can you tell me about medical debt is it just like anyother collection?
  8. yes I am assuming these are final bills. from our apt before we closed on our house.
  9. These are mine i think they are about 2-3 years old so not past the sol yet. In my dv letters I just stated that I had disputed with the CRA and they "verified" I was curious as to how since I did not sign or agree to said debt and did not agree to pay them a debt. please validate or delete as they were violating my rights by one reporting inaccurate info and two not notifying me in writing they were placing a negative in my file. CMRR sure did!!! I have learned a little here. I love the tx laws I am hoping they will be on my side. I can pay these things but am so affraid to drop my score however to get a mortgage they either have to deleted or paid. They are tiny i would have paid before but never got any bill to pay. I just want them off my credit!! I tried to call for PFD BEFORE I read "dont call the CA" but no dice so after my dvs had had some time and the letters to CRA's (am trying the 1-2 punch here) I even called the OC and asked them and they said NO also can you believe it I'd rather just have my money!
  10. I have DV'ed the CAs. my question is under the above law listed for Texas what do I do IF they do nothing?? What is the next step? DO I dispute with the CRA's using this law as leverage?
  11. I live in TX yay! SO I have DV these folks if they do not do one of the following....what is my next move??? Do I then re-dispute with CRA stating this law and their (CA) violation of it? What if they do nothing? How do I prove they did nothing? :oops:Am I just a dumb A$$? I get so confused on what to do if NOTHING happens. 392.202. Correction of Third-Party Debt Collector's or Credit Bureau's Files ( Not later than the 30th day after the date a notice of inaccuracy is received, the third-party debt collector or credit bureau shall send a written statement to the individual: (1) denying the inaccuracy; (2) admitting the inaccuracy; or (3) stating that the third-party debt collector or credit bureau has not had sufficient time to complete an investigation of the inaccuracy.
  12. LOL I called before I found this wealth of knowledge. So in sending it in writing who do I send it to? just the company in general, or does it need to be specific to a higher up??? I am hoping the dv letters along with CRA dispute will get these deleted but am willing to pay for delete if not GEEZEEEEEEE this is a process huh?!
  13. I have called at least 10 of these people on mine and hubs credit and NOT A SINGLE ONE will delete if I pay????? How do you guys do it am I saying something wrong ???
  14. I all of the sudden I had my score jump 120 points to 625 from 508??? and thats the REAL Fico. Anyway My hub and I want to buy a house in a few months so I called the mortgage co to ask for a "what to do " run down. I have 3 collections $134, $172, $125 he advised I pay those....... I am scared! I have not seen scores over 600 in years I am so affraid if I pay my scores will drop. SO I sent dv letters because when I disputed with the CRA they came back verified. I sent with signature required,stapled a reciept to the copies of the letters and filed them. What next???? When I get confirmation the letters were recieved and 30 days pass what do I do and do I do something during that 30 days? Arrow financial, ic systems inc, afni inc. anyone have DV Letter luck with these? I have one charge off says I owe 0 but has been transferred what steps do I take with this one?