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  1. Y am I filing for bk? we have a TON of cc debt and can't properly provide for our family. Stopped using cc 4 years ago. All old debt. Debt got large for 2 reasons: A) An international adoption(2003-2004) gone bad, worse, bad, worse,Haitian uprising-adoptions halted, bad, hurricanes, miracle, our son home B)Ourformer church pressured us for more and more and more money, and we compensated taking care of needs with credit cards. (We have been de-toxing from this place for the last 2.5 years) FF to today...4 months behind on mortgage, received letter saying if we don't pay by March 9, they wil
  2. Been hearing alot of horror stories about people submitting modification docs and hardship letters and the paperwork ending up in the abyss. Lots of people suggest sending copies to the Office of the Presidececnt to the attention of an executive mortgage spe******t and getting very prompt service Anyone have contact names and/or addresses for this? I don't trust the rep I got at the number in our acceleration letter because he changed the terms of curing our default 3 times, so I want to go higher up. Thanks
  3. in january wells fargo home preservation called saying we were 2.5 payments behind on mort. we paid one payment immediately and planned on doing another 1/2 before the end of the month and at that point wells was going to begin the process to tack the remainder, at the end of loan. however, our daughter broke a tooth, and needed treatment and meds we paid out of pocket due to having no dental insurance, so we paid half of the half payment to demonstrate our intent to pay. heard nothing from them until we received a letter saying if we dont come up with what amounts to 4 payments in 30 days th
  4. In the last two years Wells Fargo has double dipped my checking account for payments. We had a serious family problem and got behind on our mortgage,. as well as our income and property taxes, so UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE we scheduled payments with them through our checking account. We have to change the amount scheduled payment we are making to them but do not trust them so we closed the account and are mailing the payment via money order. Has anyone had this problem?
  5. It is indeed a jdb. Not a CA. If they post every month since they sent us their first letter the amount of the debt with increases shown in fees and interest, I would venture to say that is activity, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. To date, in our state, they have only won default judgements. We will see how far they want to take it. I will take it to court if I have to.
  6. Okay, just to clarify....the CA shows they added interest and penalties since February of last year, listed each month since then with an increase,even though I didn't receive any debt validation response of any kind until April 18 of this year. So, is it a violation to post to CR interest and penalties for all that time? I haven't even had the pitance of a DV until April 18 (which I am challenging them on anyway).
  7. Contacted OC and they did indeed sell the debt to LHR. LHR sent me my last three statements from Bank of America (OC) as validation of debt. What should I do now, just wait to see if they sue me? I was considering trying to settle, but from everything I have heard about JDB's and particularly LHR, I am concerned they will just keep coming after me afterwards? If they do sue me I can always file a sworn denial, so they have to produce a witness, but I want the advice of someone who has been through this. Thanks all.
  8. In January 2009 I received a letter from a CA on a Bank of America Account. I submitted a Debt Validation Request Which I just got last month- yes 15 months after my request. Looking at my credit report they apparently kept adding interest to the account for those 15 months. Is this a violation of some kind and if so could they lose their case because of it if it got that far? Should I write them back and cite the violation in anyway?
  9. Requested DV from DC (LHR)in January of 2009. Received last 3 statements from OC as DV from DC, without any documentation buying debt or showing me they have a right in any form or fashion to collect on this debt. And infact, I recently received an email from theOC about my online membersip. Because of a personal family crisis, I did not check our credit reports durng this time period. I did run one today. According to the report, the debt the DC appears to be collecting for does not show as "transferred/sold" in the activity section of the OC. The DC is showing up as an open account. Should
  10. Is there a legal time-frame for when you can receive debt validation. And besides that all they sent me was copies of the last three statements from the o.c. Is that enough? No proof I owe THEM the money, not the o.c. Do I write them a letter back if it took too long and about the proof they own the debt now? Thanks
  11. I am not a lawyer and I am not recommending you do or don't do this, it is simply my story. If the attorney is from milwaukee they are dead serious. If you do a debt validation request, they will simply give it to you when they deliver your summons. I filed for chapter 128. It is not bankruptcy and is unique only to wisconsin. you contact an bankruptcy attorney that specializes in 128's. This can be done within a few days and the attorney puts his fee in the total so you don't have to pay it all upfront. Basically this debt is taken to the court, you have 36 months to pay it back and it st
  12. Just wondering what the process is for this.....
  13. Original debt with Chase was charged off last spring (last payment made in Feb 2008). Got CA letter in July Sent DV Letter-never heard anything CA (attorney office in my state)letter arrived this week (Says attorney not involved in my case yet, just debt collecting) collecting for a buyer of the debt from the OC never got a letter from the debt buyer of any kind, just the attorney letter They want me to "cure the default" by paying $1500 by April 9, 2009 I need to know if "cure the default means "settlement" or is just a trick to get me to start paying and make the account active again. Shoul
  14. Re: My Name Our Client: harvest credit management VIII, Assignee of Barclays (Midwest Airlines) Our File #:XXXXX Account # XXXXX Account Balance: $6663.40 Dear My Name: The above referenced account has been refereed to this office. At this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account. The Account balance referred to above is not currently due in full. A notice indicating what portion of your account balance is currently due is also enclosed. Any further payments you make on the account should be made to our office rather than to our c