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  1. I stoped paymeny on an account about 6 months ago. Creditor did not notify me in writing of a negative insertion on my credit file. The only thing they send me is emails saying I have to pay (and a negative insertion) in not so many words. I have asked them to stop calling me and they still call me and threaten to take my wages. How many violations is that and can I send them a threating letter to remove or I will sue? Thanks
  2. is the SOL for WA 6 years or seven I am just confused on the wording in the law??
  3. OK I called TMC today and asked to pay it off for a delete and they wanted 5000. Then backed the lady into a corner basically telling her that I dont trust toyota and never want to finance a vehicle with them if I did pay for it today. While I was doing this I started citing multiple things wrong with the way they handled this account. Now she is finding out how to delete this. Did this work or did the person just want to get off of the phone?, and should I have recorded it??
  4. ok will do. I was going to call WA state and get their exact rules on the repo process and see if they broke any rules there. I will keep this updated. thanks
  5. Ok, so I got a jeep repoed in Mar 2006, in WA. It is on my credit and the only thing that Toyota did not do was go to court and get a judgement. Now the address that is on the credit report for Toyota is not for Toyota it is for two different mom and pop shops. Toyota has been disputed but comes back verified. I tried to send them a basic DV letter asking for the basic info, the letter got returned for wrong address and return to sender. So now I have a letter ready for experian asking them for the investigate processand all of that fancyness. Should I send that or what should I do to approach this situation.
  6. Yes it is related to this thread. I am in the same boat. The only thing that is different is the dates and person.
  7. Doesnt the OC (toyota) have 2 years to secure a judgment on the repo?? If so cant you send toyota a letter ( I might have an example if any one needs it) stating that they were supposed to secure a judgement against you. ( I AM IN THE SAME BOAT)
  8. I sent them the DV letter asking for the normal documents for DV and all they sent back to me wasa copy of the contract, and nothing else that I asked for. Should I send them another type of letter. Also they are not licensed to collect in my state . What do I do??
  9. I recently disputed everything on my Equifax, and Experian CR. Equifax deleted all of my disputed information. Experian still has some that say updated, remains, and still some pending. How can I get Experian to delete the ones that Equifax deleted ? How long does it take for the credit score to be updated ?
  10. One day out of the blue I got a letter saying I owed over 21 grand on a child support case that was closed ad 9 years old. Then being the smarta!@ I got the dispute letter Sample letter 15 and sent it to the Texas Attorney General. The next week I was down to 5 grand. Now the office that was handling the case wants to transfer it to another office and let them handle it. HA HA HA HA HA HA to that office. Now I have to just get the 5000 off of my credit report.
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