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  1. Spoke with B&A today and they are also misleading me to who the owner is, they told me that owner is still OC even though it has been sold to LVNV. B&A is a very dishonest company, I still have yet to receive a dunning letter even though they originally contacted me on Oct 28. I do not like these people.
  2. Brachfeld & Associates first contacted me on Oct 28 and did not send me a written notice. Every time they called I stated that I am still waiting for a written notice they claim that I throw my mail away. I eventually gave them a fax number to fax the written notice to me. They didn't. I sent a DV with the request not to call to Brachfeld and have the signed receipt in my possession. Today Brachfeld called and I told them not to call me I have sent written notice not to call and have the signed receipt in my possession he asked where I sent it to, I told him California. He said he is in Houston, Texas. He finally sent me a fax today and the letter head says Brachfeld & Associates. Ironically it says that I have agreed to settle the account, which in no way I agreed to do so because they have the account balance higher than what it should be. My question is, do I also need to send a DV to the Houston office? Can I file suit against Brachfeld for sending a written notice or for continuing to call after I told them not to. These people are really starting to get on my nerves. I really want to do a pre-emptive strike against them but my gut says to wait and counter sue if they sue me.
  3. Like you, I am dealing with B&A and they are attempting to collect for LVNV. They have been calling since October 28, amazingly I have yet to receive a written notice, even though every time they call I ask for one, I even gave them a fax number to send it to. They tried telling me they faxed it and I told them "No you didn't, I have Vonage and am able to view EVERY call that I receive whether it is voice or fax." If you speak to a Bradford (sp?) he is a class A jerk. He accused me of throwing my mail out and just stalling. I mailed them a DV including a request to only communicate through USPS, they tried telling me they did not receive it, to bad I have a signed receipt in my possession. I am waiting for them to file suit so I can file a counter suit against them. In the mean time you should check out the following link. http://www.brachfeldcollections.com/forms/collection_methodology.pdf
  4. Sounds like I have been having some of the same problems. Brachfeld insists that they have mailed me letters and faxed me information. I DV'd them and they still keep calling even though I told them not to in writing. I am waiting to see you they file a suit against me for the debt, if they do I will counter their suit. If this debt gets passed off to someone else, I still may file suit for harassment and anything else I can.
  5. LVNV has yet to contact me at all. They originally were using LERS for CA, now they are using Brachfeld and Associates. I already sent Brachfeld a DV before receiving anything in writing. They contacted me on Oct 29 and claim they have sent letters to me and say I am tossing them out. I am documenting each time Brachfeld calls me because in my DV I requested they communicate via USPS. Since I have vonage for phone service I am able to print off the exact time they have called me if the need arises if I were to make a counterclaim. This whole thing just bugs me how they think they can treat people. In the mean time I am trying to get this off my credit reports.
  6. Are there time limits to send a DV. I saw LVNV was listed on my CR since March. They have used other CA to and collection and LVNV did not send me a letter. I sent a DV to them in the beginning in Oct and got my signed green card back. LVNV has not responded to me. Was to late for me to send a DV? If not, what are my next steps to deal with LVNV since they did not validate? Any suggestions would be great.
  7. I didn't agree to any type of settlement but in the letter it says Settlement Amount $0.00, I guess I am confused by the letter.
  8. Ok, I need some advice, but first the story. I was contacted by LERS about a debt that I had with Discover, which had been charged off and sold to LVNV. I didn't do anything to dispute the debt ($5265.35) and on March 14 agreed to the following terms: 1 payment of $1,000 followed by 5 payments of $27.50. There is a section that says Settlement Amount: $0.00. In the letter is says that LERS will accept $0.00 as a full and final payment and then it lists terms that I mentioned. The letter goes on to say "Once the settlement amount has been received, and the funds have cleared for payment, we will then notify our client that the account has been settled in full and that your credit bureau should be updated accordingly. You will be then released of any further liability to LVNV and its agents in reference to this account." It also says: "This agreement is effect until the last payment date listed above and is void if the terms of this agreement are not met." I met the terms of the agreement and made all my payments on time. Does this mean that I am released from any further liability for this debt? I am confused because settlement amount says $0.00, what does that mean? LERS kept telling me that there were additional fees being added to the debt each month and were unable to tell me what they were for so I decided to DV LVNV on October 10 and received my signed green card back but no response from LVNV. In the mean time Brachfeld & Associates contacted my about this debt from LVNV on October 29 (they have yet to send me written notice and I have asked them several times, they say they have sent it). I sent Brachfeld & Associates a DV via fax and via USPS Certified on November 13 while at the same time asking Transunion to verify the debt with LVNV. I guess my main question is: what are my next steps in how to handle LVNV? Am I still liable for this debt?
  9. After viewing LVNV on my credit report (listed on March 2008) I DV'd on Oct 10 and they did not reply. I don't think they sent me anything in writing about this debt but used LERS as CA. I was working with LERS on this debt but all communication stopped. While waiting for a reply from LVNV, Brachfeld & Associates contacted me regarding debt to LVNV. Does my DV hold up against LVNV even though they first reported on my credit report in March 08? Are they in violation since they had Brachfeld & Associates contact me during the DV period? What else do I need to do since LVNV did not reply. I have a dispute with a CRA about LVNV which I filed yesterday. Any advice on where to go from here?
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