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  1. It was sold to credit control and I paid it. What I want to know is can Cox remove it since they are the original creditor or must it be done by Credit Control. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Disputing on the phone works fine for personal information.They will remove name variations, phone numbers, and employee information using there automated service. They will remove addresses so long as they are not connected to a tradeline. You must check the number associated with each address against the tradelines. They will notify you by E-mail in about 24 hours. I recently removed all of the above with no problem.
  3. Thanks for the reply.Actually the account i mentioned is on Experian not Equifax.I have already disputed the account and Experian said they would not investigate it again without new information so I thought I would try a Goodwill letter. I would like to write to Cox but I don't know if they can remove it since it was sent to Credit Control Corp. Cox is mentioned on the report as the original creditor. Thanks Rocko
  4. I have a paid collection on Equifax. I want to try a goodwill letter but am not sure who to write to. It is listed on the report as Credit Control Corp. and then Cox Communications as the original creditor. Can Cox have it removed or do I need to contact Credit Control Corp. Thanks Rocko
  5. I have had a B of A secured card for better than a year now. I want to apply for unsecured card and B of A says they will have to do a credit check. My question since I am already doing business with them will this show up on my credit report as a soft or hard pull? Thanks Rocko
  6. Thanks for the reply. It is a paid collection still within the reporting period but has been off my other 2 reports for about a year after I disputed it.Tried several times to get it off Experian with no luck. One thing I have always been worried about is if you get an item deleted from say 2 reports and you keep disputing the third the collection agency may put it back on the other two. I need to delete Credit Control Corp., Midland Credit, and NCO from Experian.They are off my other two. It was easy with all but Experian. Rocko
  7. I have a question along these lines.I have a paid collection from Credit Control Corp. This was for a Cox cable bill. Cox can't help me on this correct? I presume only Credit Control can remove this item since they put it on the report. Do you think I would have any luck with a GW letter to them. Also since it has been remove from all but Experian is there any chance it could end up back on all three? Thanks Rocko
  8. rocko


    I have been helping my son with his credit report and have a question on how to dispute GEMB/Lowes.Here are the discrepencies 1.Date closed,Experian not listed,Transunion 1/2007, and Equifax 5/2007. 2high balance Experian $542, Transunion $262. 3.To stay on record until Experian, 9/2013, Transunion, 5/2011. 4Deliquency dates are different on all three reports. Experisn Equifax Transunion February2006 OK 30 May 2006 OK 30 June 2006 OK
  9. This may be of help to someone.My son had a library fine that went to Unique National Collection Agency.They collect for all the libraries.He paid it last May. Unique informed me they have a new policy, they delete the account one year after its paid instead of leaving it on your report for seven years. Rocko
  10. rocko

    High Balance

    What BofA might be doing is adding what he owes but isn't do yet to what the charges are after his cut off date.I will try to get this fixed. Also he was going to add another $300 to bring his credit limit to $600 so he would have more of a cushion.If he ups the limit to $600 will that fix the problem? His limit will only be about 50 percent then if his high limit is $325 Thanks Rocko
  11. I am helping my son with his credit report. He opened a secure credit card with Bank of America for $300. Experian is reporting a high balance of $325 but he has never charged more than $150 on his card and he pays the full amount monthly.His score dropped 25 points today 595-570.Nothing else has changed unless it has something to do with any disputes he's made. Anyone know how this is happening? Thanks Rocko
  12. Thanks for the reply. I think I will send a couple up letters first and see what happens. Rocko
  13. I disputed Sallie Mae with Equifax in hopes it might get deleted.I have four Sallie Mae accounts.They must have been late responding because Equifax removed the late charges on two of them. A few days later Equifax put the late charges back on the report. They did not notify me within five days so as required so I disputed it and ask the late charges be deleted since they were in violation of the FCRA law. Equifax simply verified the account again and left as is. My question-Since Equifax reposted the late charges and did not notify within five days must they delete the late charges? Thanks R
  14. Thanks for your help. I went ahead and disputed the account by certified mail and ask for it to be deleted.Last time it took about a week.I will post the results when I get them. Rocko
  15. I am going to dispute again by certified letter to see if I can get it removed. To clarify the account did go to the collection agency but nothing negative was put on the report before it was paid. It is now on report with no negative info on it except it is from a collection agency.It is only on Experian and they list it as a good account. Thanks Rocko