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  1. which is the best online credit report site to use
  2. what is the best online credit report score site for free
  3. Has anyone had citiresidential lending as thier mortgage Co. and recv'd a letter that they were sold to another mortgage Co.
  4. just reading your post. your making me nervous,you can be forclosed if you have unpaid late fees
  5. I had the same problem W/a differnt CA. claiming that I had a Bal. 123.00 form a company called excel Comm., which I never even had heard of, so when the CA called me I informed them, that I had never tele. ph. service w/a company called exce in my life time and of course the ca insisted as though I was lying and then after arguing w/ca for a minute he asked me If I wanted to claim this a fraud , so he sent me a form, I filled it out, sent it in. and also did the same w/cra. and on my fille it states dispute filed by subscriber, same thing ,but it will fall of in less time. its only on there for a year
  6. I signed up for this free trial for 7 days it shows all 3. but Ive been dealing w/free credit for the last 6mnths which is experian they show my credit score @ 544 I go to this free 3 bureau credit reports, which then takes you to another site, credit adapter, which shows my credit score w/ experian @510 does anybody no about this site and its credibility
  7. thoughts and opinions on free 3 bureau credit reports, good , bad
  8. Ive been working on my credit scores for about 6mths now. just realized after disputing some neg. accts. that there is a duplication from first premier bank in the amtof 425.00. Which before I learned of this very knowlegable forum not to pay neg. accts. but at any rate, I paid them w/ the agreed amount. legaaly pd in full , from a CA called Arrow which of course will stay the course. so I'm showing both neg on my CRA . Is there anything I can do @ this point. Ive already disputed both of them w/ some lame reason that they provide for you on EX, the results I recvd from the online dispute will remain til Aug. 2011 an the other said july 2011
  9. I have a debt in the amt. of 575.00 thast was unpaid and reported to CRA on 12/07, it obviously has been sold to another CA who is contacting me, trying to cut a deal w/me I informed them that has already been reported to CRA by another CA, what is going on here
  10. thanks, I know there is a soft inquiry and hard inquiry, how do I know the difference, and does that make a difference in how long?
  11. When do credit inquiries come off of your credit report
  12. reeno


    there is so much info provided on this website it's great, but in the same sense it confuses me,doesnt take much. could someone provide me w/101 credit repair. how do you dispute debts on cr,with which you created, for instance I have a old bank acct. for which I owe a 1,000 on, how do i dispute this...........somebody pls help
  13. reeno

    late pymnt

    I had a few late pymnts ove 30 days, in 2007 on my mortgage, its almost been a year that I have not had any late pymnts. when will the late pymnts fall off and improve my score
  14. my mortgage loan is arm, yes iam one of those poor sucker involved this sub prime housing mess. my credit score is at 544, iam trying to get a good fixed rate on my house, need better credit scores, quick.....can anyone help:?:
  15. Hey, thanks forthe good advice. appreciate it