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  1. And, btw, the SOL in SD for a Domestic Judgement is 20 years, so, I will be paying it off, either after grad school or sooner than that via the method I inquired about. Suggestions? Pretty please?
  2. Hi All, I am a graduate student in the first year of a two-and-a-half year program. I have a 5K Judgement against me in my home state (SD). In January, I got a letter from the CA who has always been after me for the debt. We spoke and she was very nice and agreeable (I know, strange...) she checked w/ the OC and they were not willing to reduce very much, at all. If they would have cut it in half or knocked off 40%, I would have bitten at that. Yesterday, I received a letter from Morgan & Curtis Associates in NY, stating that they were now attempting to collect "a debt." It was the aforementioned judgement. I've been doing what I can to remedy the bonehead moves I made years ago, and have now only got this one biggie on my CR. I'd gladly pay it if I had the money. It is scheduled to drop off my CR in exactly one year. I have no idea why there are two CAs on the case now. Possibly because I recently moved out of state? Should I try to pay the debt w/ my student loan excess? (It's a federal loan, not private.) I never take that much, but I could... What would y'all do? many thanks.
  3. Hello all, Does it make sense that ONE student loan (from a Credit Union in my hometown) which I took out my first year of college would show up as a revolving account? The thing, on my Equifax report-none other, really drops my percentage of available V. used credit. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all, I'm going to get right to work on this one!
  5. Not yet, I just pulled this report about 2 hours ago. I suppose that is the next step, huh.?. The report is through Myfico.com and then TU. Should I go online or phone or mail? Your tips are greatly appreciated!
  6. SO, here is what it looks like: Collection on debt to: Mediacom The collection agency "Crd Prt Asso" was hired to collect a debt of $123 originally owed to "Mediacom" on account number "XXXXXX1312". Collection agency [?] Crd Prt Asso Original balance [?] $123 Current balance [?] $0 Status [?] Not Reported Date assigned [?] Jul 01, 2005 Date reported [?] Feb 25, 2006 Date last active [?] Not Reported Date paid [?] Not Reported Date closed [?] Feb 25, 2006 Original lender [?] Mediacom Account number [?] XXXXXX1312 Type of account [?] Not Reported Account holder [?] Individual Type of credit [?] Not Reported Payment status [?] Not Reported Largest past balance [?] Not Reported Amount past due [?] Not Reported Account descriptions [?] Not Reported Notice the "current balance" and all the "not reported"s. What gives? How do I get this off? It is one of three that I assume is hurting my credit score. I know 687 isn't terrible, but dangit, I deserve better, I've been trying really hard the last couple of years! If anyone can help with this, that'd be great. This website rules.
  7. Okay, I'll answer my own question this time... I just pulled a TU myfico.com report and it is different. CC report says 705 updated 1/09. myfico TU score says 687. BUT, the myfico report says that my balance is about 50% of my credit limit. I've been working hard to pay it down to 30% and just got it down past there a few days ago. I guess I'll hope that the cc company reports that balance soon, for my own peace of mind.
  8. Hello, I'm just wondering if the score that comes with what used to be WAMU Visa cards is legit or not? It says it is a FICO from TU, but that score is much higher than the rest, like 40+ points. If it is right, I officially have one over 700. Arrrgggh. 2 to go?
  9. Here's one... The judgement from the collection agency says "medical" in my equifax report but I have never had a significant medical procedure or even a medical bill that amounts to $5019 or anywhere near that amount. In fact, since I've been a teenager even, I've been to the doctor less than a handful of times and only for the odd cold. What do the experts suggest with that little doozie?
  10. Hey forum, Here is a snapshot of my situation, maybe someone can help me by advising on what to do first: 1. Judgment: Collection Agency for $5019--continue on record until July 2011. (also have another judgment that I paid and now shows up 2x both as paid, weird hoping that goes away soon...) 2. A few random collection accounts and 2 charge offs. Some of the collections should drop off next year sometime. I would appreciate any input on how I should proceed. i.e. Should I try to settle for a % of the (1.) judgment and ask for a written document stating removal from CR, or should I pay the collections that will not drop off for a while still? THANKS!!!!
  11. They are from the same CU and the CR just says account charged off. Forgive my ignorance, but does this mean that I still pay the bank? Super confused. Thanks much for all help given.
  12. Hello, I have been searching this forum for the answer to my question, but cannot seem to find a specific example to follow so I will post it here. I have old charge offs (2) on my Exp. CR and I'd like to get to cleaning these up. How do I find out where they went? Thanks very much!
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