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  1. Were you using financial aid? If so, check your "credits needed to complete" in your last "financial aid year" . For example, you may have had to complete 12 out of 24 credits for the aid year to be in good standing with your lender. UoP will return your FA loan to the lender if the FA loan agreement is not met. You may have received tuition credit for the classes you dropped, but now owe UoP for the courses in the aid year you finished but were not covered by FA due to not completing the required credits to keep your loan. See if this is the case, call UoP to find out.
  2. Awesome news, thanks again
  3. Thanks Amerikaner83 Another question: if I get a summons from them in the future is it a violation of the FDCPA?
  4. I have used the methods and advice of this board since last Nov, MCM was the last JDB on my reports. All the other CA's and JDB's ran from what I've learned here. the DOFD was Jan '03 on a 3K debt. MCM has it up to 7K They just sent me a very nice letter asking me to pay up, I have been waiting for the longer 6 year SOL to pass. (CT) Should I tell them to remove their trade line from all 3 CRA's and not contact me again about "their account" What do you think they will do? It falls off this Dec
  5. See this thread for another opinion...it's current in this forum CA 3 hard pulls in week not licensed to collect (Multi-page thread 1 2) jeff6898
  6. Another "oldie but goodie" thread.... Has anyone attempted to sue a CA or been successful suing a CA for "hard pulling" your credit report? I have several CA's that have done this that have no relationship with any of my OC's. Exaple: Arrow Financial is one of them. Most of my OC accounts are from 2002-2003 , Arrow was never a CA for any of my OC's, yet Arrow did a hard pull last month. Sounds like they lied about "The Code" as described in this thread. Should I go after them and report back later????? What should I ask the court for in damages per CA ? May as well try
  7. True, but the original question was what SOL best fits the credit card. The TILA defines "opn-ended credit plan", not "open account". An "open account" is not defined in the TILA, nor a choice in the poster's original list. Both would have some kind of written agreement, one would assume.
  8. I always lean towards case law ponder this from Creditinfocenter: Open-ended Accounts: These are revolving lines of credit with varying balances. The best example is a credit card account. Please note: a credit card is ALWAYS an open account. This is established under the Truth-in-Lending Act:
  9. Opinions... Know the consumer protection laws, federal and state inside and out. Get to know some lawyers for those clients that may need them Start reading all the Stickys on this board, best of luck to you with your new venture
  10. Did you send the letters CRR? (Do you know they received them) and What did you dispute with CRA's the first time? if (yes) and (not mine), wait until there are 60 days between disputes to the CRA's for the same OC's Then dispute balance, late payments, anything that will force CRA beyond e-Oscar program to OC If verified again by CRA, then follow-up letter with OC using language about FCRA and your intent to take further action if the matter is not resolved, nutcase letter even! You can request method f verification to the CRA at this point
  11. The report date means liitle ,the DOFD (date of first delinq reported by the Original Creditor) is the date to watch. That's how the CRA (equifax, et all) age your account on their reports. Amex last reported on my TU CR in April '03. I disputed the TL just to see what would happen, here's what happened: TU verified the account (damn e-Oscar program) and now the report date is 10-08
  12. Clean up your old information first with the CRA's (credit reporting agencies) then Dispute every negative OC TL (trade line) with the CRA's on your reports (not mine or similar) then wait for results from CRA's look for genuine errors from the OC's (original creditors) on your report (wrong balance, no DOFD, ect) and dispute with CRA's first!!!!!!!! if verified then 623 letters to OC's, then dispute with CRA again.......... ***************************************************************** Do the same steps for the CA's (Collection agencies) On collection accounts, MAKE SURE enough time has passed (SOL) so you don't get sued! Accounts under SOL leave them alone if you wish (SOL is statute of limitations on a debt) **************************************************************** Once you have several violations on the OC's, CA's, and CRA's, blast them with ITS letters (intent to sue) Watch the negatives falloff your reports
  13. So if I understand this correctly, A collection account can not be: 1. open---meaning the status, not the type of account 2. an installment/revolving----it always should say collections 3. reported with a balance --meaning past due should be the only field with a number?
  14. For Sprint, the OC (Sprint) never reported to CRA's, account is SOL in 4-09 I missed the DV within 30 days Should I send the dispute letter to the CRA (TU) and a DV to the CA at the same time....... or dispute to TU first, wait, then DV? I plan on doing one or the other in late December, first round of dispute letters to CRA's on other items went out last Friday
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