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  1. My husband received a phone call at work from a debt collector. The person on the phone told him that they were going to garnish his wages because they now where he works. He did not get the name of the company or any other information he just told them to call me. I received a call from the company when I answered the phone they hung up. I tried calling back but just get a busy signal. I have been trying to call all day keep getting a busy signal. The phone # that they called from is 847-544-7390 I tried to look up information about the company on the computer but couldn't find much I think the name of the company is Asset Recovery in Illinois. Has anyone else dealt with this company? How can I get in touch with them if the phone is always busy? Thanks
  2. I received another letter today from Citibank that stated that I had 15 days to call them to discuss the details of the dispute and if I don't I presume that I accept liability for the account. Does Alliance One not have to validate this debt? I do not understand.
  3. I received a summons from the sheriff's department on June 16, 2008 stating that I am being sued by GE Money Bank for $508.00. I sent the court an Intend to Defend letter on July 10,2008. I have not heard anything else from the court. Today I receive a letter from the court stating that the case has been removed from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program because the Defendant can not be located. I have lived at the same address for 12 years. If I can not be found why is the court sending this letter to the same address? I do not understand what this notice is. Can someone help? Thanks
  4. I sent Alliance One a debt validation letter on February 19. This is the 4th debt collection agency that has bought my Citibank debt. The Citibank account was charged off March 2007. Today I received a letter from Citibank stating that they received my dv letter and are looking into it. Why am I getting a letter from Citibank if the account was charged off in 2007? Why am I not getting a letter or response from the 4th debt collector-Alliance One?
  5. I received a letter from Craig Goodman Law Offices stating they were retained by Discover Card to collect. I sent them a debt validation letter the law firm quickly sent me the last statement I receive from Discover Card. Is this sufficient validation? If sounds to me like the next step from them may be suing me. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I received a letter today from the Law firm Weltman Weinberg & Reis co. stating that they have returned the file to their client and have ceased collection activities. If this law firm is part of the 3rd group of debt collectors who are they sending the information back to? What do I do next? Nothing, just wait until their next move?
  7. I received a letter from a law office that states they have been retained to collect a debt I owe Discover Card. What should I do? Do I send them a dv letter?
  8. The debt is 9 months old and this is the 3rd debt collector. The amount is $713.28.
  9. The first company is Central Credit Services Inc (is this LVNV Funding, LLC)The second company is Resurgent Capital Services LP and the Law Firm is Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co.
  10. I sent a debt collector a validation letter on 11/18/08 certified mail, they never responded. On December 4,2008 I received a collection letter from another company, but in the letter it listed several related companies one being the company I sent the validation letter to on 11/18/09, again I sent a validation letter certified mail, never heard from them. On 01/30/09 I received a letter from a law firm stating that they have been retained to collect this debt again an attached letter states related companies, both of the companies I have sent the validation letters to are listed. What is my next step? Do I sent this "Law Firm" a validation letter as well?
  11. I received a letter from a debt collector on 11/04/08. I sent them a request for validation letter on 11/18/08. On 12/16/08 I received a package from the debt collector with billing statements from the company they say I owe the debt to, there was nothing else in the package. I'm not even sure this is from the debt collector because there is no name on the package only an address, which doesn't match the debt collector's address. Is this the only thing the debt collector needs to send me? What is my next step?
  12. I received a summons on 05/08/08 from Sheriff's dept. of a suit filed from Mann Bracken. I responded to the summons on 05/31/08 stating that I intend to defend and that I demand strick proof of the plaintiff's alleged claim. On 07/10/08 I received a letter from the court stating that the default judgment against mean was denied. On 08/29/08 I received a request for admissions, first interrogatories and first continuing request for production of documents from Mann Bracken. I sent Mann Bracken a certified letter stating that on the court documents that were sent to them on 07/10/08 I demanded strick proof of alleged claim, and that I was unable to answer the Discovery request. On 11/19/08 I received documentation from Mann Bracken that they were filing Motion for Summary Judgment. Can they do this even though they did not respond to my demand of proof of alleged claim? What should be my next step?
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