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  1. They are the WORST bank, WORST customer service and they are questionably not a legit bank reading many forums started about them. (negative of course).
  2. uh, it wont Incorrect, Yes it does. On many cards. It does help increase your FICO depending on age of card, payment history and ratio of CL & use. If they don't ask for info, they either don't report or will "find you" by your name and assumption you live at the address of the account holder, to report to the credit bureaus. CAP 1 and Citi are known to report Auth User. Hope this helps.
  3. An update: I disputed with the Credit Bureaus again, sent Citi a strongly worded letter and the tradelines are now reporting CLOSED, not derogatory.
  4. Thank you! That is a great list. Makes it easier to contact them and try to discover the exact address to shoot off the letters.
  5. Hi. You have read correct about SM. May I ask: Why do you have to pay mom's 2 credit cards? I assume they were discharged in the BKP? Also, what arrangement are you looking to set up with SM? I would avoid a personal loan with a bank, you forfeit a LOT of rights that way. Forbearance, Deferment, usually lower interest rates and longer payment time periods. Also possibly the fact if you are ever completely disabled, you can petition to have your student loans discharged.
  6. Anyone? Someone has to have contacted the CEO's of these companies at some point? Thanks again!
  7. StudLoanGuru, I appreciate your reply. Not sure if you read the Original Post, by me, I said: So the basis to dismiss them is not center to the original post here. Also, while you are partly correct, you are partly incorrect. ALL debt gets discharged, even if it is still owed in CH7 BKP, from the stand point of credit reporting. Car loans are discharged and no longer reported to the credit bureaus, but you still owe the balance unless you a) Surrender the vehicle Sign a reaffirm contract. With student loans, they WILL show discharged and no longer report to the credit bureaus, even though you owe them. I know this for a fact by following this link: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/student-loans/307942-student-loans-reporting-cr-after-ch7-discharge.html So to the point my issue is, the TRADELINE is now showing "included in BKP CH7" and a 2nd TRADELINE has been OPEN with the full balance reported. - Also I disputed it with Citi (the original bank showing it discharged) and they returned "Verified, no change". I appreciate your reply, as no one has replied so far. But it is time to take these banks by the b*lls and hold them accountable. It is unfortunate and I can care less it is "sort of common" that they do not follow rules. --- I am trying to find some rules and precedent on this, because if I have to re-open my Bankruptcy and drag them to court to correct this, I will. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Hello everyone. Does anyone have the CEO's name and address for GMAC and Bank of America? I tried searching for this on here. I couldn't find it. I find conflicting info on the internet too. I have disputed tradelines with the credit bureaus involving GMAC and Bank of America. They come back as verified correct, being reported "included in BKP/Ch7" even though they were NOT included in BKP. I have written the banks directly (w/ tracking and confirmation) using the address listed on the credit reports to directly dispute and offer proof that they are reporting and falsely verified these as being correct. - Of course neither have replied back and it is over 30 days. - It sucks because these were both positive tradelines on closed accounts, they are dragging my score down and I am afraid they will ultimately just delete it to solve the problem. I want to shoot off the correspondence to the CEO's office and try to get some action while assuring them the next step is to go to court and collect on damages. Thank you.
  9. OK it has been a month and no suggestions. I have looked high and low on the net for an answer, with no results. I tried contacting Sallie Mae, they basically told me "that is the way it is, we are reporting it correctly". Citibank told me, "We are reporting it correctly as CH7". Even though they BOTH show the SAME opening date, are the same credit line and have been processed through CH7 BKP court. Are there any other resources, Student Loan or Credit Boards and Forums that I can research? Thank you!
  10. Thanks for adding to the list and congratulations. Here is what I found out about the card and the bank. https://www.academybankco.com/ The interest rate is 20% Variable. It is 9% if you bank with them and have a qualifying account. Your credit line is 95% of your CD Deposit, from $210 up to $5,300. After 18 months you will be considered for an unsecured card or you will have to "roll over" the CD for 18 more months to keep the card secured. This card seems like an alternative to the Public Savings OPEN SKY Secured Visa Credit Card which carries an annual fee and higher rates. But Academy Bank has a limited footprint on bank locations.
  11. Followup: Sallie Mae is reporting the newly transferred loan as "deferred" and "open since 2005" Citibank is still reporting the same student loans as "discharged CH7, open since 2005" So.... do I write Sallie Mae and instruct them that they are "discharged CH7" and to stop reporting? Or do I write Citibank and have them remove the derogatory tradeline "discharged CH7"? Anyone? Thanks.
  12. My suggestion is, when you write them, do it in the least amount of words possible while explaining the problem and why it should be deleted. They get TONS of correspondence and like any other business have volume they must work through. When the credit bureaus "update" or "verify" something, you can write back and ask method of verification. They have to explain how they came to the decision to update something. Do a search for method of verification on this site and you should get some pointers on it. Thanks.
  13. Raysway, this is an old thread, but do you have the address to Mr Urrutia's office you can post and share with us here? Did you pursue this further? Merrick is impossible to deal with. The complaints about them are all over the internet. Thanks.
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