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  1. Thanks for the info! He definitely only has $700 debt. I have a bit more ($700 plus another $400 in cc) but we weren't putting my name on it because I have no income anyway. I actually just paid one of his cards off so now it's just one card and runs us about $22/m if we make the minimums. We could probably pay it off but I'm not sure it would help us that much because then he doesn't have any debt/utilization at all. The 203K definitely makes me nervous but the house is in pretty good shape, just needs furnace and some minor repairs.
  2. Is there any way to get a mortgage for more than 28% of your gross monthly income? His (my husband) total debt is only $700, spread between 2 CCs. No car loans, student loans, etc. We're trying to get a 203K FHA loan for about $160,000 total. We were already pre-approved for 170,000 for a USDA loan but cannot use it for this house because the furnace is totally dead and there are a few other issues. He doesn't have anything negative on his credit report in the last two years. The problem is, we only make about 40,000/year. At 28% we'd only qualify for around $100,000. We've been paying $1450/m
  3. I took a break for quite some time. When I received a summons I was thrust back into it and now I'm going full force trying to get things taken care of. When I pulled my credit after receiving the summons I was quite surprised to find out about 5 things had dropped off my report!
  4. There really isn't a specific reason or short answer but I will try to sum it up. My In Laws offered us $5500.00 to pay off/pay down our debts. At the time I really didn't know anything about credit repair. I went down the list calling CAs directly to pay off the smaller debts ($150 and less). I started reading about credit repair to see how I should handle the bigger ones and realized that I was doing it all wrong. That was pretty discouraging. Anyway, this specific debt was $3700.00 and they offered to settle with me for $2200.00 PIF. I got them to agree to delete it and they sent me a sign
  5. About 2 years ago I agreed to pay a $3000 debt in exchange for them deleting it. I have a signed fax from them agreeing to remove the listing from my credit report. It continues to stay on my credit. I've called them twice and they've been friendly and said they'd do a 'manual request' but it never drops off. What is my best option from here? Should I send a copy of the fax with a written dispute to EQ, should I continue to pursue the CA or is there something else I should be trying?
  6. Worked for my husband! Within about 12 hours all 5 of the inquires I disputed were deleted. No change to his credit score yet but it's only been a few hours so we'll see. No response back about mine yet.
  7. I just tried it for myself and my husband using confirmation numbers from free credit reports ( I hope it doesn't do anything bad to our credit. (don't know why it would but I'm paranoid)
  8. UPDATE: I received a court form today letting me know that the plaintiff did indeed file a 'withdrawal of action' and I won't even need to go to court. Can I dispute this collection on my credit report now? Should I send a debt validation letter first or ..?
  9. I'm really not too worried about it. It's public information anyway. I will edit it out, though, if it bothers people. It's now been updated with them filing a withdrawal so hopefully they are dropping the complaint. We'll see.
  10. I haven't heard anything back yet but today I noticed they updated the information on my courts website : Motions / Pleadings / Objections Entry No Entry Date Description Initiated By Argu able Result Result Date Ordered By 101.00 Dec 10 2008 REQUEST TO REVISE P No 102.00 Dec 05 2008 ANSWER D No 103.00 Dec 10 2008 WITHDRAWAL P No to include 'REQUEST TO REVISE" filed by the plaintiff. I assume that means they are asking to rewrite the complaint? Maybe they have the actual hospital bills (though wouldn't that just prove my SOL defense?!) Anyway... anyone kn
  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU! That is exactly what I needed to see. I based my response on the information from that link and other information I've found on the boards. I filed my answer this morning and the clerk commented that it looked really good. He also said 'I assume from your answer that you've been to the law library already?" and looked surprised when I said I hadn't. I know they can't give legal advice but it was reassuring regardless. I also received a letter from the CA offering to 'save me the trouble' of going to court and they included an already filled out form they want me to sign a
  12. Unfortunately that isn't an option for me. Legal aid wasn't able to help me and I'm running out of time now. I did find someone that would give me a 30 minute consult for $35 but I'm thinking that won't really help. I'm still going to contact them, though, maybe they can at least point me in the right direction. Thank you all for your responses!
  13. I received a summons for a debt that is beyond the SOL in my state (Connecticut/6 years) I know I need to answer it (by 12/09/08) and I've been reading the boards all day but still don't totally understand how. The first page is a standard form and then attached is: RET: DECEMBER 09, 2008 : SUPERIOR COURT xxx vs ME COMPLAINT 1. On or before August 02, 2007 the defendant became indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of $5,092.40 for reasonable and necessary medical services rendered to ME 2. Despite demand the balance of $5,092.40 remains wholly unpaid and the defendant has failed and continue