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  1. Well since I am in one of the LEAST consumer friendly/protective states out there....and I can never seem to get a clear cut answer on the OHIO written contract SOL, I have read that it is 15 years!
  2. Hi Does anyone have any recent dealings with or updates with this bunch of clowns? They just sent me some bizarre dunning letter from some bogus acct from 6 years ago they claim to have bought from someone who bought it from someone etc. They threatened me with NAF on it about 4 years ago then I hadnt heard from them since. Oh and the best part is...originally the debt was alleged for $4K now they claim it is at $12K. Hoping this joke of a collection agency is on its way to being toast following in footsteps of Wolf Abramson, Mann Bracken and NAF! Thanks
  3. Thanks Nascar. I posted last week asking this exact question whom I should be dealing with but received no replies. I will contact the attorney.
  4. Hello Folks, I have been attempting to settle a judgement and called the horrible collection agency. Can you please review and advise me on this letter they faxed me when I asked for something in writing saying this would be considered paid in full and they would not sell or try to come after me for any balance. They are willing to accept about 75% of total. Letter states: Per our phone conversation, we came upon a settlement agreement of $XXXX.XX to settle the above mentioned account. Payment must be received by XX/XX/XX and upon clearance of the agreed funds; and your verbal and written request, DUMBA$$ Collection Agency will send you a paid account letter. This seems too vague to me. Can some of you reply with your comments please? Also they are trying to force me into paying over the phone which means I have to give them my bank acct info which I am not willing to do. What kind of receipt would I even have for doing that let alone giving them my bank acct numbers! I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks Much
  5. Hi All, I need to try and settle this BS judgement (NAF rubberstamp) the JDB got against me. Ive read all the posts I could find on the subject and I think my best bet is to ask for a vacatur of judgment when paying a lump sum. So I want to offer one lump sum and hope they may be willing to settle for less than the full amount. The judgement was for roughly about $4400. So my question is, do I contact the attorney who filed the case, won the judgement etc directly? Or do I call the JDB moron office who just sent me a letter stating the balance is now 5251.00 and they are offering me an 'opportunity to resolve my account' by making payments of $199 per month until paid? To take advantage of this offer contact Joe DumbAss at ext x before a certain date etc. Also how much would be a reasonable offer percentage wise to start off with? I only can come up with about 60% truthfully at the most. I just dont want to setup some BS monthly payment plan where they will just keep adding interest and the balance will never go down etc. But obviously I do not want garnishment! Thanks for any help. By the way this is from a BS NAF judgment and believe you me, if a NAF class action lawsuit ever comes to be, I will pursue going after this JDB if at all possible.
  6. Wondering individual's experiences out there with JDB obtaining judgement against you but never tried to enforce it. Meaning never taking any further action like wages garnishment, freezing bank accts etc? Just curious....
  7. I didnt realize they closed their Chicago office in October 2010 too! so sad hope the closings continue month by month......
  8. Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. Announces Additional Cost Reduction Actions http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20101230005296/en/Asset-Acceptance-Capital-Corp.-Announces-Additional-Costs 12/30/10 Hey All You Fellow Ohioans: Asset has closed up shop at their Cleveland office. WAHOO good riddence u low life JDB!!!! Now we can only keep our fingers crossed that they are heading for the same destiny as Wolpoff & Abramson and Mann Bracken. Lets all keep up the AG and FTC complaints on them!!!
  9. Any Ohio people out there who can share their experiences please?
  10. Post Judgement Against me to JDB over BS NAF award: Everything I am reading say a creditor or debt collector is required to notify you that it has obtained a judgment against you and demanding payment. If you do not do anything in response to this demand letter, your employer will give you some papers, including an Order and Notice of Garnishment and Answer of Employer, a Notice to Judgment Debtor, and a Request for Hearing form. Does this mean they have to send me this letter BEFORE freezing my bank acct too? Im trying to avoid garnishment and/or freezing my bank account. Im in Ohio. Does anyone have any helpful tips or past experiences that may help me out here. It has been over 30 days since judgement was awarded havent heard a peep from JDB. Court website shows no activity.
  11. Hi I have attached the consent order to this thread. Dont know if anyone has had a chance to look at it. If so, do you think I should still go ahead and file the Rule 60 motion to set aside the Order confirming the arbitration award? Wont this really just tick the judge off? Im so confused. Can anyone tell me what will happen next? I have yet to be contacted by the JDB. Will they file for garnishment? I cannot possibly pay this all at once. I do not want my paychecks garnished. Will they let me pay it in a few installments? Also I got a letter in the mail from Home Depot the other day saying they are closing my account! I have never been late with them and have an account in good standing. It says because of a reported delinquent acct paid or unpaid on my credit report, they are closing my account and do not attempt to use your card again. How can they do this? This BS NAF case shouldnt even be valid and they are closing an acct that has nothing to do with this. I HATE to give and pay this BS NAF award but as you can see I am not doing very well fighting it pro se and so far no attorneys are responding when I am asking for help with this case. Any help is sooo greatly appreciated. Its ruining my holidays
  12. Here is a link to the consent judgement: http://deanmalone.com/debt-collection-blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/proposed-naf-consent-judgment.pdf
  13. Ok I am trying to attach the consent judgement. Hopefully it will work. Nope no matter what I try it says my attachment too large to upload on this site
  14. Yes the NAF had the case prior to the MN AG case unfortunately. So I should file a motion 60 now? Right after the judgement was granted last week? Would you recommend using: (2) newly discovered evidence that, with reasonable diligence, could not have been discovered in time to move for a new trial under Rule 59(; I tried this with motion for a stay and request for a hearing based on the MN AG case and evidence against NAF etc. thanks for responding nascar!!!!
  15. I did not file it in time I am aware. Thanks I will look into Ohio Arbitration Act. Thanks for replies. Im desparate here
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