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  1. Thanks to all the great info on this site, I spent 5 months cleaning up my credit history resulting in many deletions from my CR's and subsequently, better credit scores. After trying to buy an auto last November from a dealer who said the best he could give me was a rate of 17% (which I walked away from), and being turned down by my bank who I have had a long going relationship with, in April of this year I was approved by a CU for a rate of 7.9% for a 'used auto loan', not bad! Needless to say the $$$ I am saving on interest is fairly substantial and has been worth every ounce of effort I put in over that 5 months. My question is, on my TU report, the new loan has been reported only once, in April of this year, no May, June, or July reporting. Who should I contact to make sure that the new information shows on my CR's? A call to the Credit Union? Or TU? Thanks!
  2. Chase is now reporting accounts once owned by Wamu. I have a Chase tradeline that just appeared as well, but was originally a providian, then Wamu account.
  3. Hello, I have an open collection account with Portfolio Recovery I need to get rid of. It does not fall off my CR's until 10/2010. If I settle this account will it reset the reporting on my CR's for another 7 years, or still fall off on the date mentioned above. It is past SOL, and I have disputed but it always comes back verified. I know paying the debt will still have a negative impact on my CR's, and I know it's a red flag to lendors seeing it as an open account. Thanks!
  4. How long are mortgages with late pays reported to the CRA's? Does it fall under the same rules as CC's? Or do they always stay on there? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I didn't figure is was worth taking a chance, so I'm just leaving it alone. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Has anyone tried or can you dispute the balance on a current CC in the attempt to update your report to show most recent balance before the CCC or CR updates that TL? My report is still showing the balance from my last payment that was due and paid on March 11. The idea here is to have my most current report reflect the most current balance right away, as well as the lower utilization and give my FICO score a quick even if insignificant boost as I am about to apply for an auto loan. I am specifically speaking about my EQ report, which seems to update slower and slower every month, but thats another rant... Would such an action possibly help or would it threaten my CR and FICO score as a 'disputed' item for the immediate future?? thanks!
  7. I have a BOA secured card. If I add funds to increase the CL will BOA report that increase to the CRA's seperately or will it just appear in the normal monthly reporting? Thanks!
  8. The details: Dismissed Chap 7. Filed 6/01/1999 Closing date 9/01/1999 I am pretty certain that this item should fall off in May. Is that a correct assumption? Thanks!
  9. When should I expect removal from my CR's. The details: Paid state tax lien. Date Filed/Reported : 1/01/2002 Date released: 1/01/2003 Is it from date of first reporting or the date released? Thanks!
  10. self censored response to cap1's post...you go with that..
  11. i wouldn't put much credence in the Truecredit FAKO number if that is the one you are referring too. It shifts like the wind. My TU FICO number is 59 points higher than the TC FAKO number, so I pay little attention to it.
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