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  1. does anyone have any ideas about this? or could at least point me in the right direction?
  2. I recently posted on this forum and was pleased with the response. Hopefully you can help again. I am in a battle with a CA like most people on here. I recently decided to file Bankruptcy (got to love Divorces). I had arrangements to pay a CA. They took it out electronicly through my checking account and routing number. I know stupid move. Anyway, I went to the bank and they changed my account number to stop payment. My question is that by doing this is there anything that I did criminaly wrong? I dont think so but you know they have threated to call the State Attorney before. So I just want my bases covered. I sent them a letter stating that I was unable to make the payment and was filing bankruptcy. I live in Florida. If you have to ask anything to get an answer please do, I am all ears.
  3. sorry my grammar was horrible. I read the Florida statute but it is extreamly wordy with lawyer talk. care to decipher? thanks. what happens with the 14 day rule?
  4. ok i read the statue Florida but its extreamly confusing what happens after the 14 days is what i dont get?
  5. oh and by the way thanks for the responses i will keep you posted on what happens.
  6. also i did not know they were a law firm. how can you find that out they all say they are "arbitrators"
  7. i had a reposession from toyota in 2007 and yes it is the only reason i am contemplating filing bankruptcy, i havent gotten anything in the mail so thatway i can even send a DV letter
  8. Ok to make this even more interesting. I had a car repossesed back in 2007. I got a call from simm associates saying i owe for the remaining balance. I stopped answering the phone after i asked them to send me something in writing. they still havent mailed anything. They started to call the place i work for and spoke with a supervisor. (not even mine). He pulled me to the side and stated how much i owe, who i owed it to and why i owed it. They even said if i dont call they will have me put in jail. my supervisor stated he will testify in court to that. I kept ignoring the calls. they faxed a letter over an open fax line explaining the debt (i still have the copies). the letters made it to my hierarchy. my bosses boss pulled me into the office and laughed saying they are violating all kinds of federal rules. But i called and gave them my bank account and routing number out of fear of losing my job. they set up a payment for the friday two days thanksgiving. I couldent get to the bank because they were closed so on monday when i found out the draft was being returned to them i immediatly called them and gave them a debit card for a one time payment (out of fear of the bounced check laws) instead they draft my account again. so now two bounced drafts. i finally got them to take the debit card payment and the first bank draft. I am in the process of filing chapter 7 can i stop paying them? if they draft my account is it considered a bad check. i have an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer on tuesday to start the bankruptcy. how do i get them for causing me to almost lose my job? its like i try to do right and i get screwed even more. thanks in advance for the help
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