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  1. husband tried to use atm and debit wouldn't go through checked and has judgement from 2 yrs ago never recieved anything. we owe this and i want to know he has the amount in his account to pay this should i call them and try to pay it will they find our joint acct and freeze that too how do i get this account unfroze i can pay it right?
  2. if the credit card agreement was for 2005 and you signed it in 1998 how do you know those were the terms at the time you signed it? I would read the agreement and also try sol if it states in the agreement they sent you says this follows federal and governs some other state law their sol may be shorter and copy thier sol laws and try and use that. just my idea
  3. I had a lawsuit by them also trial date set in end of april. They sent discovery & ect. I also sent mine just recieved letter they dismissed checked court and they did.send them production of records pages and pages. Helped a friend and relative get thier dismissed they have no proof.
  4. Just recieved a collection notice from debt one states is the original credit card nco bought this account. I have never heard of them googled them and got nothing. They state it is for over 8,000 dollars I never even had a card with over 1500 limit. I am in litigation with nco for another debt I didn't have I will send validation and file a police report for idenity theft. Any other suggestions?
  5. I don't want to strike thier exhibit it shows they have no proof agreement is dated later than default date.
  6. Make sure you still show up same thing happened to my friend plantiff didn't show up or send letter of dismissal to judge before court date she showed him the letter and he was pissed at them for not sending it and wasting court time.
  7. I checked and they did get the discovery papers I mailed them and Sol was one of my defenses in my answer.
  8. I recieved summons and answered being sued for debt at least 10 yrs old attached was a generic agrrement dated much later than they put as thier dated of default. The agreement stated laws of a differnt state so i went with sol in that state and a lot of other defenses. The req for documents states they want last 5 yrs well i don't have anything at least 10 yrs old and they said mastercard I never had a mastercard only visa's. My question is if I find anything I have from 6 yrs on could I use that in court since they didn't ask for anything past 5 yrs? I also sent discovery out.
  9. i just recieved summons for account in 1997 but it was longer than that but they attached agreement stating applicable law is south dakota sol is 6 yrs there so thats my defense ohio is 15 guess i go by thier attachment. but agreement they sent is from 99
  10. just to let you know my friends was dismissed i sent out discovery and just recieved letter also dismissed they have no records so fight them and they will back down i sent 9 pages of discovery and req for production of documents i got from here. within days it was dismissed.
  11. me and my friend also was served by same company she had trial today on sat she recieved dismissal letter but we went anyway good thing too the court had not recieved the dismissal and judge was not happy about that and i have mine in 2 weeks but we never recieved anything else after filing our answers but i did send them request for documents and discovery today certified 9 pages worth so hopefully it will be dropped also. good thing is judges talk and i am sure something was said about them not letting the court know they weren't pursuing it. so hopefully the judges here will figure out how
  12. mine from a jdb says unjust enrichment also they sent nothing with my summons have a pre trial soon. my friend also recieved a summons same thing just a terms of of credit card could have got it anywhere no signed papers for anything they are hoping we don't show. nothing on her credit report going to court with her for trial next week.
  13. recieved summons and submitted answer denying and asking for proof they are suing correct party and asking for copies. nothing was attached to summons just had name,address and last 4 digits of a cc#. judge set date for pretrial stating no phone conferences and attorneys required to bring clients also stated case set for trial at pretrial wiil Not be continued further leave to file motion for summary judgement on pleadings is granted until pretrial. Does this means since they have no proof attached i could file and win