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  1. Allied Interstate are a bunch of bone heads.

    Here's how I would handle it:

    Answer the call and ask her to hold a moment (turn on the tape recorder). Then act all fuddy and say "hrm is today the [day] or [month]" and wait for her to say "yes."

    Then let her run her spiel again. Ask her again what the date is on the debt. Then remind her that you already told her on the [day] that it is past statute, nearly 20 years old, and you have no intention of making any payment arrangements. Let her blow her lines again which will probably include a threat to sue (which is illegal if they know they cannot do it). Keep your cool through all this. Politely remind her that she was asked not to call anymore and only then say "Well thank you for the call. Just so there is no debate of what has been said here, I've recorded all of the call. Thanks again." and hang up.

    You will likely never hear from them again. If you do, you can remind them that you've been through this with them before and have a recording to prove it, then file suit for FDCPA violations.

    As long as you do not specifically tell them you will use the recording to sue them, you will not run afoul of extortion laws.

    While this is good, keep in mind too that PA is a TWO party state, meaning you must have permission from BOTH parties to record a phone conversation. Seeing that the OP is in PA, the aforementioned script might not work with PA's laws. Unless it's clear where the collection calls are coming from, this may or may not even applicable.

  2. I would assume that they can charge late fees simply because you continued to pay on the vehicle. If you were delinquent prior to Aug 2008 then any payments they received from you in that month would automatically go towards covering the outstanding charges. If you knew that there were outstanding charges, then it is your responsibility to know that any payments applied to your account would cover any and all past due balances. I don't believe the creditor had to notify you or your attorney of this, as had the payments been made on time, there would be no outstanding charges.

    Given all of that, if you still are unsure of your rights, speak with your attorney about this as they should be able to clarify things for you.

  3. Don't cancel the card. It may have an adverse effect on your already damaged score.

    If I were you, I would keep the card but exercise due diligence in using it. Use it once a month, only charging what you can afford to pay off before the bill is due. If you do this, it will improve your score.

    Now is the time for you to learn to practice some good credit habits. If you can do this, you will be successful in further improving your score.

    Congrats to you!

  4. Hello everyone!

    After a long absence I am back :) Lots of things have happened and I just wanted to pop in here and say hi!

    I finally got my bankruptcy discharged in August of 2009 and in August 2010 I purchased a new car, which I'm very excited about!

    For those that are new here, this is an invaluable place to be! There is a ton of help and guidance here and on the main site so please relax, take a deep breath and let your new life begin :)

    I know mine has!

  5. I tried to become a mega post whore.... and I was going at a pretty decent clip until I realized that my job was going in the toilet and that my health was taking over and told me to stop staying up until 3am doing nothing and to get back to doing something constructive.

    I took a break from the forums for a while. Don't know if I'll be back on a permanent basis or not...I've just really been busy with two kids and my life.

    Anyway... I miss ya all!

  6. Just wanted to drop in and say hiya to all! We are three weeks away from out MAW trip and the girls are getting excited! I am too!!

    I've been keeping busy with work and with the outside of the house. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I have been cleaning out all four gardens (three flower and one veggie) and planting new stuff. Just finished laying down mulch in the girls' garden. They love it. I have snap dragons, petunias, pansies, crocuses, daffodils and tulips in their garden. I also planted some gladioli bulbs, but I don't expect them to pop up until next year. I tore out a rhododendron bush that was getting out of control and planted some flowers in the empty spot. Also edged the driveway and curbs so they look nicer.

    The outside is coming together nicely. Now for the inside.... still have lots to get rid of. I wanted to hold at least one yard sale before the trip so I would have spending money for the girls while we're at WDW. If I get up the energy to clean out the garage, I might do a yard sale next weekend.

    Sadly, the whole benefit thing for Jordan fell through. That's okay though, because we're going to have a great time no matter what!

    Well, that's all for now~~


  7. Omg these are funny.....

    Had something creepy happen to me yesterday....

    TruGreen Chemlawn called me on my office phone. Now, mind you, they had called me the day before looking for a Ms. Ball. I said there is no Ms. Ball that has this number and they said "Thank you" and hung up. The caller ID clearly showed "TruGreen" and their number the first time they called. Here's where it gets weird....

    I get a call from them last night, which I missed because I was mowing the lawn and came back inside to find the missed call message on my phone. Okay... fine. I check the caller ID to see who it was that called. I got totally creeped out when I saw the phone number and then my own name on the caller id... xxxx.xxxxxxxxx

    So I called the number and the TruGreen people answered.

    Me: Did someone at your business just call my number?

    Rep: What's your number?

    Me: xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Rep: "nope, that number is not in our registry."

    Me: Are you sure? Because I have YOUR number showing up as a missed call on MY phone, but it has MY name on the caller ID right above YOUR phone number. Care to figure that one out?

    Rep: That's really strange.

    Me: Yeah, it's creepin me out. Ya know?

    Rep: Okay, hold on....

    Jeremy - CS Rep: Hi, I hear we called your number?

    So I go through the whole thing again with Jeremy. He says he'll take my number out of their registry - Hmm... thought it wasn't in there to begin with - and he'll let his field manager know what happened.

    So I said ok and got the managers name and hung up.... Hopefully I won't get telemarketing calls from TruGreen anymore.

    it's just so creepy seeing my own name and someone elses number on the caller ID.

    This ever happen to anyone else?

  8. I work as a medical records retriever. I facilitate procuring medical records from facilities for insurance companies. Sometimes insurance companies need these records for certain types of policies such as life insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance etc. Sometimes I get the records so the insurance companies can process insurance claims.

  9. Morrow,

    I found this... hope it helps:

    Chapter 19.240 RCW

    Gift certificates



    It is the intent of the legislature to relieve businesses from the obligation of reporting gift certificates as unclaimed property. In order to protect consumers, the legislature intends to prohibit acts and practices of retailers that deprive consumers of the full value of gift certificates, such as expiration dates, service fees, and dormancy and inactivity charges, on gift certificates. The legislature does not intend that chapter 168, Laws of 2004 be construed to apply to cards or other payment instruments issued for payment of wages or other intangible property. To that end, the legislature intends that chapter 168, Laws of 2004 should be liberally construed to benefit consumers and that any ambiguities should be resolved by applying the uniform unclaimed property act to the intangible property in question.


    Value of gift certificate held in trust by issuer — Bankruptcy.

    (1) A gift certificate constitutes value held in trust by the issuer of the gift certificate on behalf of the beneficiary of the gift certificate. The value represented by the gift certificate belongs to the beneficiary, or to the legal representative of the beneficiary to the extent provided by law, and not to the issuer.

    (2) An issuer of a gift certificate who is in bankruptcy shall continue to honor a gift certificate issued before the date of the bankruptcy filing on the grounds that the value of the gift certificate constitutes trust property of the beneficiary.

    (3) The terms of a gift certificate may not make its redemption or other use invalid in the event of a bankruptcy.

    (4) This section does not require, unless otherwise required by law, the issuer of a gift certificate to:

    (a) Redeem a gift certificate for cash;

    (B) Replace a lost or stolen gift certificate; or

    © Maintain a separate account for the funds used to purchase the gift certificate.

    (5) This section does not create an interest in favor of the beneficiary of the gift certificate in any specific property of the issuer.

    (6) This section does not create a fiduciary or quasi-fiduciary relationship between the beneficiary of the gift certificates and the issuer unless otherwise provided by law.

    (7) The issuer of a gift certificate has no obligation to pay interest on the value of a gift certificate held in trust under this section, unless otherwise provided by law.


    Application — 2004 c 168 §§ 1-12.

    Sections 1 through 12 of this act apply to:

    (1) Gift certificates issued on or after July 1, 2004; and

    (2) Those gift certificates presumed abandoned on or after July 1, 2004, and not reported as provided in RCW 63.29.170(4).

  10. So I'm thinking it's time to start her on some chores and things like that. I was reading a post that OMG posted and it gave me a few ideas and does anybody else have a chore/allowance type thing with their children? Even at the toddler/preschool age?

    Aww... thank you :-)

    My girls are like night and day. Savannah obviously understands much, much more than Jordan does. With Savannah, she's like 6 going on 30 so I give her much more responsibility. She unloads the dishwasher (puts everything she can't put away, on the counter), makes her bed, puts her clothes in the hamper, dusts, vacuums and feeds the pets. Those are all age appropriate, I think.

    With Jordan, it's pretty much to make sure she puts her clothes in the hamper and puts her movies away when she's done with them. Sadly, anything involving more than one direction and she gets lost and then frustrated so I try to keep things simple for her.

    With your little ones, it depends on how much they really understand. For starters, I would have them put their dirty clothes in their hamper before bedtime. The older one obviously knows what it's for so now would be a good idea to teach her about perhaps saving some of her allowance. This will teach her good saving habits that she will carry on into adulthood. Chores for her would be to help you dust the things she can reach in the living room, put her dirty clothes in the hamper and to help make beds. You could also start teaching her how to fold towels, washcloths etc.

    For your daughter, I wouldn't give her more than $1.00 a week to start. For your son, personally, I think he's too little and he doesn't yet understand the concept. I would wait until he does.

    That's just my two cents :-)

  11. I just had another thought.... I never had allergies until 1995 when I was 23 and 5 months pregnant with Jordan. I swear I never knew what torment my sister went through and she suffered from hay fever and she sneezed from everything.

    When I started getting allergies, my doc said it would go away after my pregnancy. My a$$. 14 years later and I'm worse than ever.

  12. And I'm not talking about the luck of the Irish........

    I'm talking about the pollen! It's everywhere! This yucky yellow green crap covers our driveways, sidewalks, cars, etc. Everywhere!

    And I feel awful! I can't stop sneezing, my throat is so sore, and I have this nasty nasty taste in my mouth!

    Make it go away! :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:


    I sympathize with ya! I have found that the store brand of zyrtec works wonders. It's generic name is cetirizine. For me personally, I don't get drowsy and you take it once every 24 hours. It helps me get through the day. I have both indoor and outdoor allergies.

    Yeah... I'm allergic to cats yet I have four of them. LOL I won't give up my babies just because I happen to sneeze 20 times in the morning. The pollen count is high because it's getting warmer out and things are starting to sprout up.

    Try the cetirizine and see if it works for you.

  13. You know.... sadly, my mother never taught me about finances or about the fact that I should always pay myself first (savings account). The week after I turned 18 and graduated from high school, I moved out on my own. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way and it's only been since I bought my house, that I now realize how bad my spending habits have become.

    Last year, on my youngest one's sixth birthday, I took her to the bank and opened up a savings account for her. I sat her down and explained what the account was for (to save money). I swear she's 6 going on 30 now! She says to me "Mama, if all your money goes to pay bills and stuff, then how am I going to put money in my savings account? I smiled and said to her that she was going to work for an allowance.

    She understood this so well. So, each week she's here, she has a chore chart. Certain chores are worth more than others, but she has the potential to earn up to $7.50 in a week. She now has $50 in her account. Whenever we have to make a deposit in the account, I make her fill out her own her own slip and take it to the teller window. She hands her slip, account book and the money to the teller and tells her what she wants to do. The teller then fills out her account book and hands her a lollipop. I simply sit in a chair nearby and watch. She is so proud of herself for doing this and I'm proud of myself because I'm teaching her the importance of saving money.

    And I know she's learned so much more than that. If you ask her if she gets an allowance, she'll tell you yes and that it's very important to save money and that she puts hers in her savings account. And she tells you she works, just like mama, for her money. :-D

  14. Goldbug hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head. If we want change.... we have to make sure that those in congress who aren't doing their jobs, DON'T have jobs to come back to when they go up for re-election.

    We have no right to complain about this (or any) situation if we continually vote the same vermin back into the offices they shouldn't be in.

  15. My DF is definitely guilty of the "Cement Block" or "The Crippler". I always end up yelling at him because I'm usually left to plunge the damn toilet. Keep telling him to leave it at work. ;)

    You know you're a Master Dumper when you can clog up the "power toilets" at work. LOL!

    Heck.. even the ones in truck stops are powerful enough to suck the pants off ya if ya aren't careful LOL!

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